How To Leave A Lasting Impression

I was recently introduced to Shiseido’s new Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette. As a devoted collector of fragrances, including aromatic candles, I don’t fall short of words to explain the power of a fragrance. I have heard that scent is the strongest tie to memory and this thought intrigues me.


It got me thinking about all the people we meet over the course of a lifetime, all the connections we make with thousands of people every year, what is it that makes only a portion of these people memorable? So, to help launch Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette I’m going to share my thoughts on impressions and my experience with leaving a memorable one…

Life is about being receptive to those around us, being open to new people and extending our familiar circle into the unfamiliar. That’s what we do. My circle continues to grow as I become more consciously aware of the good in others, learning to absorb their qualities and shape them into my own.

I think about those who have left an impression on me. The local barista who greets me, with a friendly smile in the morning, silently encouraging me to exude a friendly vibe for the rest of the day. Or, a  work colleague who inspired me, just by watching the way she uses her charismatic confidence to get things done. I like the way these impressions influence how I develop my character.

Here are a few ways in which impressions were left on me, some of the things I actively try to weave into my character:

Eye contact. I sparked a conversation with someone at an event recently. They invested in the connection by not taking notice of any other activity or people around us, rather they were completely attentive and held eye contact throughout the chat. I realised how important this is and maybe how forgotten it can be, especially at busy events.

Listen. I love to listen to interesting descriptions or episodes told from someone’s life story. I have a few experiences that have sparked some interesting conversations like living in Japan, managing a snowboard team or that my mum lives in Singapore. I’ve met people with personal ties to Singapore; and loved sharing experiences and local insider tips like the best cocktail bars or vintage stores. I’m hoping one day we will be there at the same time to enjoy these things together.

Wear something different. People who wear a bold print or a statement heel are usually granted a place in my memory. It can be as small as a piece of jewelry, a stacking of interesting rings or how you tie a neck scarf that can communicate a creative or a confident side of your personality.

Choose your words wisely. Pleases and thank you’s! Over use them if you have to. I also try to acknowledge a person as if they were already my friend. I often hug people on the first meeting, sometimes even an air kiss to each check. This is completely by personal preference, but for me I think it can show an approachable, warm side to someone’s personality.

Smile. It’s contagious, attractive and warming.

As they say, scent is the strongest tie to the memory, so once you have made a memorable impression, set it with a scent that represents your unique story, your qualities, experiences and gestures. I’ve always chosen light natural fragrances. The Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette is light, warm, welcoming and fresh. It’s gorgeous to wear and captures the essence of my personality; it compliments me and acts as a silent introduction to who I am.






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Available at selected Department Stores and Pharmacies, for your nearest stockist visit

Eau de Toilette 30ml $79

Eau de Toilette 50ml $109

Eau de Toilette 90ml $149

The New Breed of Whisky Drinkers

I have an attachment – it’s golden, it’s warm, it’s everlasting. It’s the attachment I have to my to my Poppa. He’s not here now but I remember how he would stand at his kitchen bench sipping his whiskey from a special glass, describing the virtues of various brands. He even brewed his own for a while, in a genuine old oak barrel and would proudly say it was the best he’d ever tasted….that sounds like a Scotsman doesn’t it!

My mother told me, how he and my grandmother would stop on their way to Auckland, at a little hillside waterfall to collect the purest brook water for their wee dram. He came from Scotland, so of course the ‘wee dram’ is in my blood.

When I was invited to experience the smooth and delicate taste of the Auchentoshan American Oak single malt whisky, I was honoured to write and experience something that would reignite such a cherished memory and connect me with my heritage. Auchentoshan American Oak and its story has the depth of Scotland and Glasgow at its heart and I am proud to have inherited age old Scottish traditions from my poppa. He was just like whiskey to me – liquid gold.

But I’m part of a new breed of whisky drinkers. Those who still enjoy and appreciate a refined taste but look for a bit of an edge. Auchentoshan American Oak is exactly that. Refined, unique, served with a twist. It’s a smooth, delicate, premium pour – all sounds a bit like my taste in men actually! Lucky for me, this night was spent with my darling friends Vlad Tichen and Jaheb Barnett. Establishing themselves as Auckland’s most influential fashion bloggers, they too have crafted the refined, unique, premium look, embodying the qualities and nature of the whiskey and the Auchentoshan brand.

The experience, celebrated the individual signature serves created by three bartenders from top urban establishments The Lumsden, Britomart Country Club and MyBar. What was once reserved for an elite few, a new whiskey experience is making its mark as a modern ritualism. I had been a whiskey sour drinker for years so was already sold on the idea of a whiskey cocktail, but this night, Auchentoshan was served with various ales, –  a completely new, yet surprising experience for me!

Bars across Auckland are introducing and pairing this beautiful whiskey with selected ales to create their own signature Auchentoshan and Ale serve.

The Lumsden

Auchentoshan meets the Epic Static IPA, the Sparks Repetition and the Auguring Bones – Lazy Bones.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.19.06 am

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.46.18 am

IMG_7653 (1).JPG

Britomart Country Club

Auchentoshan shaken with sugar syrup, honey, sours and topped with Sawmill IPA.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.21.12 am

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.46.00 am

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.20.57 am


Named the Auchy Ale, they served it with fresh lemon, sugar, topped with Urbanaut NZIPA

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.21.51 am

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.21.30 am

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.49.19 am

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A Zara Spring Pictorial at Dear Jervois

I walked along Jervois Rd every morning on my way to Ponsonby Intermediate as a kid. I knew every detail of each shop front that lined that stretch of road. I knew the store keepers, the daily specials at the fruit market and the new releases displayed in the windows of TransVideo.

The suburb is home to me. I still stroll its streets, although these days it’s on a Saturday morning listening to my Discover Weekly as I walk up to my favourite local, Dear Jervois, for my Hakanoa Lemon Honey Ginger. It was designed by David Lee, the original owner and I’ve crushed on the fit out since it opened. Inspired by the mix of colour, tropical patterns and brushed browns, I pulled a few Spring pieces from Zara, some frames from Bailey Nelson and shot a little pictorial as the sun went down.


IMG_7633 (1)














H&M X Kimchi Pictorial

The Kimchi Project is tucked away on Lorne St in Auckland’s CBD. Walking past the front you wouldn’t realise that a luscious garden courtyard exists out the back. It’s the most enchanting surprise – one of those hidden spots uncovered by those who explore and cherish the city hub. Plus they serve up THE best fried chicken in town – I’d recommend the Chicken Two Ways served with home made pickles.  It is absolutely huge so make sure you don’t have anything to do afterwards – high risk of a food coma!

This morning visit was spent sipping on a flat white while taking it easy in a courtyard full of contrasting textures, colours and lighting. Mixed with golden caramel satin and glittered moss green pants from H&M, my kind of way to start a Saturday!


Holly Estelle H&M.jpeg

Holly Estelle H&M copy.jpg

holly estelle H&M 6.jpg

holly estelle H&M

Holly Estelle H&M 3

Holly estelle H&M 8

FullSizeRender (61)

Holly Estelle H&M 5

holly estelle H&M copy 4.jpg


Holly Estelle H&M 4

holy estelle h&m4

Lusting over my sparkled green high waisted pants? Or my caramel satin high neck shirt? They will all be in store at HM in Oct/November.

Flat Lay Features

O Cosmetics 1 Skin Treatment Foundation – 98% natural, Ive been using this the last few weeks and love the thick, creamy texture of the product. Confidently rate this a 10/10 for all of you natural skincare babes.

La Vie est Belle L’eclat – a new fragrance to the Lancome family that represents the idea of ‘happiness irresistibly spreading outwards from oneself to others …’ I’m wearing this in excess! In selected department stores now.

Bailey Nelson frames! Righting the wrongs in the eyewear industry, these guys have been busy crafting their affordable yet stylish frames to crowds eager to make eyewear a part of their unique style. Since their opening in Bondi 5 years ago they are now officially a global brand with stores in Canada, England and New Zealand. Oh and they do free eye tests by cute optometrists!

YSL Mon Paris, my current Friday night scent. It’s too gorgeous sitting on my bookshelf to not use sparingly. It’s not too sweet despite the pink shade, it has a subtle yet soft sweetness to it.

My pearled, black patent faux leather flats from Zara in stores now. They soften and mould to your foot within a few days, these will be a staple for overseas travel this year.






How to Style a Spring Dress

I’ve been glued to my Instagram feed over the past few months watching the fashion weeks of the world roll out, and the fashion icons roll in. I’m constantly in awe, watching these women explore and proudly celebrate their creations. Instagram has definitely become an exhibition of style that was otherwise seen on the streets of places I only dreamed of exploring.


One’s style is captured in a mix of colour, texture or patterns. It’s the number of buttons done up on a shirt or the way a dress is tied. It’s the broach pinned in the corner of a shirt or the sunflower yellow vintage earrings that match the pop of yellow in the shoe. Each decision made is a piece of our own style puzzle that we lay out and plan everyday. This is what intrigues me about the world of fashion, there are millions of puzzle pieces, yet they don’t necessarily need to ‘fit’.

As I stood in the foyer of the Farmers store on Queen St, I watched all the different types of people walk through it’s door and loved how we are all so happily different in our interpretation of style. It doesn’t matter that our garment choices might be similar, it’s the way we interpret each piece of clothing once we put it on that contributes to the world of fashion.

As glimpses of summer start to appear, our wardrobes start to get shorter, lighter and colourful. I partnered with Farmers last week to share my interpretation of style, featuring some of the dresses from their Spring/Summer 17 Collection.

How I style the Spring Dress:

  1. Incorporate a belt. It breaks up the outfit, adds colour and can adjust the length of the dress to match your own preference or occasion. Without belt loops, I fold the end of the belt up and under, acting as its own little style feature. I keep the front of the dress longer and the sides shorter, bunching up the dress at the front for a fuller effect.
  2. Blazers. Blazers are my “work week” to “weekend” staple.. I have a mix of both longer and shorter styles, however when matching with a dress I go for the longer, preferably the same length as my dress or a touch longer. Blazers perfectly compliment a summer dress as they allow for the dress to remain the feature of the outfit.
  3. Hand bag. I was once the ‘one hand bag for everything’ woman. Whether it was a night out or a day at work, there would be one bag … for everything. As fashion has become more accessible, affordable and fun, I have collected a range of different sized, colored and textured bags that I use to add colour and detail to an outfit.

Look One : The Whistle Floral Ladder Lace Dress

Holly estelle farmers 1

holly estelle farmers

holly estelle farmers 3

holly estelle farmers 4

Holly estelle farmers

holly estelle farmers 5

Whistle 3/4-Sleeve Floral Ladder Lace Dress $99.99

Boston & Bailey Kurt Ring Crossbody 39.99

Boston & Bailey Phoenix Embossed Belt $29.90

Look Two : The Mineral Deconstructed Chambray Shirt Dress







Mineral Deconstructed Chambray Shirt Dress $99.90

Boston & Bailey Kim Ring Bucket Bag $49.90

Look Three : The ¾ Whistle Sleeve Spot Swing Shirt Dress

holly estelle farmers

holly estelle farmers 5

holly estelle farmers 6

holly estelle farmers 2

holly estelle farmers 3

The Whistle ¾ Sleeve Spot Swing Shirt Dress $79.99

Boston & Bailey Phoenix Embossed Belt $29.90

Boston & Bailey Kurt Ring Crossbody $39.99

This is only my interpretation of spring style, how I chose to place my puzzle pieces together. What’s your favourite piece of spring style? Is it colour, an accessory or a particular style of dress? Share with us below or in the Facebook link and be in to win a $100 Farmers Gift Card to create your own look this Spring. I encourage you to pop into Farmers one afternoon and browse their range, I think you might just be surprised at what you find.

#FashionatFarmers  #FounditatFarmers

Shoot Location:




How To Make Those Blue Eyes Pop

Just as you would dress for your body shape, your makeup look should be created to compliment the colour of your eyes. I had always gone for a smokey eye with blacks and greys with a few pops of colour. My girlfriend told me I should try a deep golden brown colour as my eyes would then pop-bright against contrasting backdrops. Since I switched up my shades of colour people often comment on how blue my eyes look, more than before! So I sat down and left my eyes in the hands of a professional makeup artist, Alison Brewer, to share a few of my favourite HAN shades guaranteed to make those blue eyes pop!

I chose to take a more natural approach to my skincare years ago and found there isn’t a broad selection of makeup brands in the local market that are natural but, I was recently introduced to HAN skin care. HAN is leading the way with their 100% naturally derived range. Their products are a blend of lush colours and skin care ingredients that promote a healthy complexion. They are products that are good for your body, kind to animals and kind to the environment…. Tick! Their range is versatile, you can use a bronzer as an eyeshadow like we did, or the shimmery eyeshadows as highlighters on the cheekbones.

IMG_1639 (1)

For this look we used:

  •       Bronzer in Maui
  •       Bronzer in Malibu
  •       Eyeshadow in Sunset
  •       Eyeshadow in Chocolate Bronze
  •       Cheek and lip tint in Coral Hibiscus
  •       Natural lip gloss in Nude Rose

HAN is brand new to New Zealand and available from Life and Unichem Pharmacies. With all products ranging from $25 – $30, these are perfect stuffing fillers or even to gift a full kit created specifically for someone’s features.




Spring Pictorial with Witchery

“Spring cleaning isn’t just about sorting through things, and getting rid of clutter. It’s about taking stock of who you are, and how others see you.

It’s a chance to redefine yourself, to change expectations, and to remember that it’s never too late to recapture who you were, or to aim for who you want to be.”

– Someone (unknown) from Pinterest with all the vibes!

Last weekend Tori and I explored the back streets of Parnell shooting amongst the blossoming trees in Witchery. This is how I spend my weekends in Spring, exploring the city with new friends, attempting to absorb as much of their creative talent as possible, enjoying who I am in this moment but excited and passionate for what could be.

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle



Double Breasted Twill Blazer Milk White $299.90

Shirred Pleat Skirt Luminous Yellow $149.90

Knitted Bodysuit $139.90

Clutch (in stores October)

Ava Bootie, RRP$229.90 (in stores October)

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle

Witchery Fashion blog holly estelle




Witchery Blanca Ruffle Dress, RRP$229.90 (in stores November)

Witchery Traina Trench, RRP$369.90 (in stores October)

Clutch (in stores in October)

Ava Bootie, RRP$229.90 (in stores October)



Photography by the gorgeous Tori Hayley

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.39.36 PM



Behind the Feather Brow: What To Expect

Having plucked my naturally bushy brows to smithereens when I was a teenager, I desperately wanted to rebuild them back to my natural shape and fullness. All I knew of the trending feather brow tattoo was that there was a wait list of at least five months, and that it would hurt.


However, I was introduced to Brow Theory through a work colleague whose brows looked naturally flawless, so I explored the service further realising that their waitlist was a matter of weeks and that the pain level was completely tolerable.


I assumed the process was similar to a tattoo, with a horrendous gun, mopping of blood and a terrifying electric noise. What they actually use is a hand held micro blade, just like a pen, which they use to stroke/tattoo the lines into the outer layers of the skin. It’s not as deep as a tattoo, so the pain is definitely manageable. They apply a numbing cream in two rounds. The first round is uncomfortable, similar to kitten scratches and the second pass is more of a pulling feeling.


Shari took me through the consultation and both sessions. What I quickly learnt from her detailed instructions was the importance of the post treatment care to achieve the real results. So here’s what you need to know and what you need to STICK TO!

  1. No alcohol the night before or coffee the day of. This is the major and if you cant resist the temptation, stick with your current brows! Alcohol thins the blood, causing increased bleeding, resulting in less pigmentation retention.
  2. Going make up free for ten days! Well almost. No make up above the eye brows. The product will effect the pigment and healing process. Yes, this meant going to work each day two toned! A tanned bronzed face with a pigmented red blotchy forehead, but I am stickler for the rules.
  3. No getting them wet for at least 10 days. It can and will effect the pigment with the risk of increased scabbing, which no ones wants!
  4. Reapply the After Inked cream 4-5 times daily for at least 7 days and then a couple of times a day over the next few weeks while skin is healing and recovering. I took my cotton buds to work and applied at my desk between meetings. Again, a stickler for the rules! Plus they can get itchy and the cream alleviates this a bit.
  5. Do not touch them. No rubbing, scratching or picking. Just leave them alone for the full 7 – 10 days!


ToriHayley-8631 (1)

Shari and the Brow Theory team take you through the entire process during the consultation, including pre and post care to maintain your new brows. The salon is gorgeous as you can see, scented candles and fluffy blankets with dashes of gold. Shari and I got deep into the chit chat during both sessions talking all things life in our thirties, including on line dating. Shari challenged me to go on a dating site and is the only one to successfully get me on one (which shows how trust worthy the team are ha ha ha). I only lasted three days on it, but I’m looking forward to our catch up over a wine soon. A brow therapist as a new friend, dream!

Here is a little video I took of both my sessions, including before and afters. As you will see, the accuracy and precision to every detail shows the value and quality of the service is worth every cent!


Before and AfterFullSizeRender (54).jpg


The Brow Theory Price List

Brow Feathering Consultation $40

Brow Feathering Per Session $295

Brow Perfecting Session $95

Brow Reconstruction Per Session $345

If you are considering feather brows, give Hayley, Shari or the team a call and have a chat through your options. Mention you read this blog and the babes will give you $50 off your first session.

Flick through their Instagram account to see a range of before and after shots (click the image below):

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.13.15 PM




How To Prep For A More Natural Look This Summer

It’s almost September, so I’ve started preparing my skin to be confident with a natural look this summer, hopefully make up free! During my recent trip to Fiji I regularly applied my sunblock, but with the harsh rays and being in and out of the water I still came back with a bunch of sunspots that now show through my foundation.

I was told by my darling Tori Hayley that Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution works wonders for dark spots, so I’m about a week in with this one!  I’m also using their Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate to accelerate surface skin cell turnover. Once I’ve tackled my uneven tone and sun spots, I’m hoping my skin will be all prepped and ready to glow. But not without regular application of a good sunscreen…

kiehl's, make up free, holly estelle

Who else struggles to find a sunscreen that doesn’t feel oily, leaving your foundation to slip down your face all day!! I’ve been using Kiehl’s 50+ Sunscreen under my make up each morning. Its light and quickly absorbs into the skin, keeping my foundation in place all day.

Incorporating a quality face tan into your skincare regime is an easy way to even out a patchy skin tone. I’ve been using Eco Tan’s Face Tan Water for over a year now and absolutely love it. With a water like texture, it goes on similar to a toner and is anti ageing and anti acne BRILLIANT! I’ve also been introduced to Manuka Doctors’s Age Defying Bronzing Gel. For me, the Face Tan water is perfect for day to day use, maintaining a gradual tan. Whereas the Manuka Doctor Bronzing Gel has a quicker effect, perfect for the night before a day at the beach.

make up free holly estelle

holly estelle, fashion blog


kiehl's, holly estelle, new zealand fashion blog

Holly estelle, fashion blog new zealand

But there are always the days where you just need a little cover!

Summer is the season to embrace your natural glow, but if you need a little more cover try using a natural based foundation. I’ve used the Nude by Nature primer, pressed powder and illuminator for years but this month I’ve been using their new Flawless Liquid Foundation and Concealer. Enriched with antioxidants from the Lily Pilly Plant (how cute is that name) it provides long lasting natural coverage with a light, soft finish.

Tip: invest in a few different shades to ensure you apply the best match to your skin depending on your tan. As they say, Thursday is the day you go from a 2 to a 10 and that is certainly is the case for me! Having a few shades on the go allows me to mix and match depending on the stage of my tan.

holly estelle fashion blog new zealand

holly estelle, new zealand fashion blog

Holly Estelle NZ Fashion Blog

Kiehl’s Stockists

EcoTan from


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H&M – The Queen of Collaborators

It’s not a secret that I love H&M. It’s also not a secret that I love to collaborate. Looking back over the years H&M have established themselves as a global, diverse and powerful collaborator, bringing a high end flare to seasonable, affordable fashion. With some big names up their sleeves such as Karl Largerfeld, Lanvin, Versace and superstars like David Beckham and Beyonce, I’m excited to see them continue to bridge the gap between two different worlds of fashion.

Of all the pieces I have gratefully shot with H&M, this outfit felt as though it were made for me. A part of their Studio AW17 collection, it celebrates the feminine silhouette and embraces a powerful yet charming vibe. It’s me.

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

h-m-collaborations-versace-1200x688 2

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

5-38 2

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

h-m-collaborations-lanvin-1200x688 2

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 6.56.37 PM

Holly -8134

Studio AW17 collection is available in HM Sylvia Park September 14th.















Taking it back to Basics!

Jaheb and I pulled together some casual looks with Cotton On to celebrate the launch of their Essentials Collection. Styling it up with the new 574 Sport from New Balance and a few of our favourite frames from Bailey Nelson.


As much as I love bursts of colour, worldly patterns and luxurious textures, there’s a time and place for a plain tee and a pair of jeans. THE sexy staple for both girls and guys, it’s been rocking its way through the decades in different forms of style and trend.

When styling a tee, there are a few things to think about:

  • Don’t be afraid to go up a few sizes or even go with a mens small or medium. There’s more to work with and easier to style. Go up at least 2 sizes
  • When tucking it in, pull all of the shirt to the front to tuck in, rather than evenly tucking.
  • Roll those sleeves … at least three times.
  • Accessorise! Perfect opportunity to pair with a statement frame, shoes or bold jewellery.

The Essentials Collection is Cotton On’s answer to year-round wardrobe necessities. Take a peek over on their site full of classic tees, casual pullovers, comfy trackies and signature Cotton On denim.

Cotton On Holly Estelle Womans Fashion

Cotton On Holly Estelle Womens Fashion



We paired each outfit with the newest member to the 547 collection from New Balance. A clean white sneaker pops against a faded black jean and tying back to the white tee. The contemporary deign is complimented with a comfortable and flexible fit. I’m excited to see what else New Balance has up its sleeve as they continue to be at the forefront of stylistic design in the world of sneakers!


New Balance Holly Estelle Womens Fashion

New Balance Holly Estelle Womens Fashion

New Balance Holly Estelle Womens Fashion


New Balance Holly Estelle Womens Fashion

The walls in Bailey Nelson are lined with the freshest frames to compliment all face shapes, styles and trends. Having once been an admin expense, needing prescription lenses has now become a fun fashion expense. But when I say expense that does not reflect a higher price tag! With frames as low is $155, its affordable to play around with a few pairs to work into different looks. Check out their newly opened store on High Street or pop in before your Friday night cocktail on Ponsonby Rd!

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle New Zealand Womens Fashion

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle New Zealand Womens Fashion

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle New Zealand Womens Fashion

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle New Zealand Womens Fashion

There’s no where else I’d rather be, than in the sun shooting with creative souls like Jaheb and Tori. Jaheb is going from strength to strength with his account on men’s fashion. If you’ve not already, pop over and give this guy a follow! Tori Hayley is the sweetest, most kindhearted little soul AND one heck of a photographer. She can create the most striking shot from backdrops I wouldn’t usually consider shooting in, through the use of shadows, contrasting elements and angles. She has clearly taken inspiration from her time living and shooting in the streets of NYC. And she’s gorgeous.

How to not basic, the basics – tick!





THE BEST Collagen Boost Juice for Glowing Skin

I decided to take a more natural approach to my skincare about a year ago. My skin was breaking out, red and blotchy and often looked dull. Adashiko Collagen Powder and Noni Gel were a few of the first products I introduced into my new routine and have been a vital part of my ‘skin team’ every since. Did you know you could add a few scoops of collagen to your coffee in the morning? I didn’t!

FullSizeRender (3)

Last weekend I threw a few of my favourite collagen rich foods into the blender with a few scoops of Adashiko to create a yummy collagen boosting juice for glowing skin.

This is honestly the tastiest juice I’ve made, I guarantee it!

  • 1 x Red Capsicum
  • 1 x Orange
  • 1 x Apple
  • 1 x Cup of Raspberries
  • 1 x Bunch of Basil
  • 1 x Handful of Flaxseeds
  • 2 x Cups of Pomegranate Juice
  • AND … 2 x Scoops of Adashiko Collagen


Adashiko Collagen is 100% natural and replenishes and boosts the natural collagen production, and for that reason has quickly become a big part of my fight against ageing. Its tasteless and odourless so can be easily added to your morning coffee, sprinkled over a salad or added into a smoothie.

I use the Noni Gel each morning under my make up. Its 5 in 1 formulae reduces the appearance of pigmentation and helps prevent acne and breakouts. I rarely experience acne anymore which is a huge relief as it was really starting to upset me, no one wants acne in their thirties!

I am often asked if my nails are real. They are long and thick and look like they could be acrylic but they are all mine, grown by me! Adashiko strengthens and fortifies hair, skin and nails, so for this benefit alone I would try it for yourself.

FullSizeRender (4)

For more on the benefits of Adashiko and other testimonials pop over to their site

Read more about my favourite natural skincare products here.









The Best Winter Date Spots In Auckland

There’s something enticing about the city during this time of year. The winter evenings, dark and crisp yet invitingly intimate. I feel this desire to discover the cosy places, the dimly lit, hole in the wall types playing live music, serving real cocktails or authentic food prepared by those whose recipes have been passed down by generations.

I like to think that if the seasons were men, winter would be the romantic one, the Mr Big. The one who pulls your chair out and brings an umbrella just in case it rains. Just lately, I’ve had my chair pulled out for me and an umbrella ready to save my straightened hair from the rain and along with these romantic gestures, I’ve discovered the cities best cocktails and dining experiences. For those who need a bit of inspiration, here are some winter nights I guarantee you will remember.


Dans Le Noir (In the dark) at The Ridges. Exactly what it says. You dine in complete darkness and what an experience! We were led through the black curtains by Parveen, a blind Fijian Indian man who, to my complete astonishment, plays blind cricket, lawn bowls and even surfs! Seated at a table with three others, we were equally impressed with Parveen’s stories as we were with the food. We were served a three course meal paired with wine. I was adamant it was a Pinot Noir. It turned out to be an oaky Chardonnay!  I was amazed at the sensory confusion, experienced without sight. 

After eating, Parveen led us back out into the foyer where we were shown images of the courses, so beautifully plated (slightly embarrassing as I had just smashed my cutlery all over the plate looking for the last piece of lamb). This is a true social, cultural and gastronomic experience I would highly recommend. Note, don’t wear white pants …

Winter date night

Taking over the old Iguacu in Parnell, Gerome has created a dreamy winter space. Draped with thick navy velvet, gushing over the intimate dimply lit booths, I wasn’t expecting the food to be as gorgeous as the décor, but it was. When a side of cauliflower was included in the order, I was expecting some lightly steamed cauli seasoned with spices. What came out was roasted cauliflower, capers, pomegranate drizzled with a sour cream vinaigrette, and it was everything. Inspired by the flavours of the greek islands, the menu is designed to be shared (meaning more dishes to try and no food envy). Surprisingly well priced at just over $130 for two, which included a couple of Negroni’s and food still left on our plates as we admittedly over ordered!

FullSizeRender (48)

The bar at Gusto at Sky City Grand is lined with fresh out of the oven margarita pizza, bruschetta, perfectly seasoned calamari and the most exquisitely prepared tapas during their Aperitivo Hour. As part of Sky City Grand hotel the people-watching is fascinating, with fashion and culture making appearances from all over the world – always a great conversation starter! Their tapas are served with any drink purchased between 5pm – 7pm. Try the Sweet James, a whiskey based cocktail with elderflower liquor, lime, cucumber and maple syrup! This is perfect for an after work date; something a little more casual than committing to a full three hours. 


Just down the road from Gusto is a little Indian restaurant called Chawlas. Cuisine served up little restaurants like this are often on par with some of the cities most accredited chefs. I like to support these little eateries where it’s clear to see the whole family is behind it. The cosy little booths are covered in bright colours and textures, the curries are authentically decadent and the service is real. Chawlas has been serving up curries since 1960, so you know after 57 years in the business they make a good one!

Happy Winter Dating!





Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars

I recently shared the story behind my name Estelle. It is the story of my grandmother and the meaning of her name. It is french for star. When Frank Sinatra sings his version of ‘Fly me to the moon’ I hear the feeling of falling in love as he ‘plays among the stars’. I often have a similar feeling, but not just with one person. I feel it during the moments I share with all the interesting different people who pop into my life in unexpected ways.

`It’s the feeling I got when I was gifted this stunning jacket covered in stars, from Trelise Cooper and her team. It’s in the moments I share with people like Ray, a photographer from Fiji who had sailed a boat over to New Zealand and after being at sea for 18 days, chose to spend the day exploring the cities backdrops, pushing me out of my comfort zone to think imaginatively about myself and artistically about my environment.

I flew to the moon this day, wrapped in my Eye of the Biker Jacket from Cooper and played in the stars with my friend Ray.


Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars

Let me see what spring is like on A-Jupiter and Mars


In other words, hold my hand, in other words, baby, kiss me

Fill my heart with song and let me sing for ever more


You are all I long for

All I worship and adore


In other words, please be true

In other words, I love you


Fill my heart with song, let me sing for ever more

You are all I long for, all I worship and adore


In other words, please be true

In other words, I love you


Thank you Trelise Cooper and the Cooper ladies – Eye of the Biker Jacket $429.

and of course

Ray @rayoflightfiji




Tried, tested, love. The Best Natural Skincare Products of 2017.

10 months into my natural skincare regime, I can truly see the long term benefits of caring for my skin the natural way. The products I started with back in August last year are still in my daily or weekly routine such as Inika, Trilogy, Eco Tan and Skinfood. However, I have lovingly introduced a few additional products that compliment the existing ones perfectly. Here’s a round up of the products that are helping me combat ageing and build a natural and healthy glow:


Trilogy Rosehip Oil: The purity of this product is felt in the first drop. With the power to help with pigmentation, fight fine lines, promote elasticity and boost hydration, I use this each night before I go to bed. I also massage the left overs into my cuticles to help stop them from tearing.

FullSizeRender (42)

The Beauty Elixir:  whipped me up a blend of Rosehip, Tamanu, Hemp and Raspberry Seed oil specifically for my skin. The main concern with my skin is the pigmentation, so I double dose on the Rosehip. I put my Beauty Elixir oil on as soon as I get home from work to allow my skin to absorb it over a few hours. The Hemp helps to balance my skins oil, the Raspberry seed is a super antioxidant and the Tamanu is “liquid gold” as Romy says. The best bit is that it was made specifically for me! More on Romy and her healing powers to come.

FullSizeRender (43)

Inika: A leader in natural beauty, their organic natural products have simplified my make up routine and the size of my make up bag! I use their foundation, eye shadow duo, eye liners and bronzer, thats basically it for my weekday make up!


Eco Tan: I am as white as the sand at my beach house! However, no one would know exactly how white I really am as I am self confessed self tan addict. Eco Tan’s Face Tan Water has been life changing. It’s not only a natural anti ageing water that both tans and tones, but it has evened out my complexion and reduced those annoying monthly acne spots!


Savar: Oh these ladies have produced the most exquisite range of products using ingredients native to New Zealand. Their face wash is and has been my number one for most of my natural skincare journey. It foams beautifully with a luxurious texture and consistency…winner! Im currently bathing in their instant boost toner too.


Adashiko: I use their Noni Gel each morning after washing my face with water, then double up with two scoops off their 100% Pure Peptide Collagen Powder in my coffee while I wait for the gel to dry.  The benefits of these products are endless so I urge you to read some of their many testimonials online. I personally use them for their anti ageing properties and to strengthen my hair and nails.

FullSizeRender (47)

Raw Complexions: We tend to focus on the products we put on our skin and forget how easy it is to consume the nutrients needed to support a healthy, beautiful complexion from the inside out. Raw Complexions have created two powerful products, the Skintox and the Skin Balance.  A mix of superfoods, ancient herbs, alkalising greens and antioxidants that assist the skin to detox, cleanse and rejuvenate from within.

FullSizeRender (44)

Girl Undiscovered: ‘100% Wild, honest and heartfelt, liberated and fearless’ this brand defines me. The crystal cleansing water removes any make up and dirt I may have missed during a wash while enriching my skin with Thanaka 8 Extract, wild island kanuka honey and Balinese virgin coconut oil to prep and balance my skin. An honest and powerful ethos behind an honest and powerful brand and product. The love, passion and detail that goes into the packaging and presentation of their products, beautifully compliments the products themselves.


The Boho Co: Caught my eye as they “sprinkled their good vibes” all over Instagram. Their body polishes do just that, polish the body leaving it silky and hydrated and smelling deliciously edible! Swap out the exfoliating glove for a tub of this body loving goodness. I am also burning their Vanilla Spice coconut wax candle for a dreamy winters night vibe.


Skinfood: You will be sold with the first sniff of these products! Their moisturisers are on my desk at work and help hydrate my skin in the air con. We always ohh and ahh over how good we smell each day after applying. The texture of the walnut shell in their exfoliating scrub makes it easy to evenly and consistently exfoliate my face.


Koko Body: An activated charcoal and pumice exfoliator which detoxifies the face, drawing out impurities. A Sunday morning ritual for me, I leave it on my skin for 10 mins before splashing off with water and feeling the hydration of the organic coconut oil sink in.


Magnifibres: Last but DEFINITELY not least is my new found obsession, the Magnifibres Lashes. I removed my eyelash extensions after 5 years to embrace a natural appearance. Now I apply a layer of mascara, coat with Magnifibres and finish with another layer of mascara to build a natural fuller longer look.


All of the beautiful colours, prints and jewellery featured in these pics are from my darling girlfriends shop Marigold Lane Shop. 


BeYOUtiful : For all the smaller busted babes!

BeYOUtiful women exude their attractiveness from within. It’s a confidence and belief in their own unique beauty that sees them proudly ‘wear’ and celebrate their physical features with poise. They have positioned themselves as trailblazers in the world of true beauty, styling their exterior to inspire an authentic sense of beauty to those around them.

FullSizeRender (5)

Marilyn Monroe once accentuated a faint mole she had on her cheek, wearing it with elegance and sophistication. It is now the iconic ‘beauty spot’ copied by women around the world. Prescription glasses have always been a catalyst for teenage bullying, making them something to hide or be ashamed of. Now the world’s fresh-faced supermodels are fiercely sporting them down the runway, without prescription.

As beautiful as Marilyn’s smile and buxom curves were, two of the most beautiful women I know are two of my dearest friends. They exude a sense of confidence and attractiveness that is infectious. It’s hard not to feel confident and beautiful in their presence and over the last few years they have unknowingly inspired me to celebrate something I always covered up – my small chest.

Both are small chested, but style their feature in a way that would make any woman envious. Striking low cut slip dresses perfectly detailed with dangling necklaces and oversized cardigans worn off the shoulder, highlighting their detailed bralettes and extenuating their shoulders. Like Marilyn, they ‘own’ their features with poise. This is what we should define as beauty.

As I made the transition away from padded bras, I gave my lingerie drawer a spruce up, adding a few gorgeous bralettes and comfortable sports bras for the lazy weekends. So when Farmers asked me to experience their bra fitting service in the lead up to lingerie week, the timing was ideal. Going through my lingerie I realised how many different sizes I had accumulated over the years. I’m not sure if I had just bought what was in the bargain bin or if it was due to my size fluctuating…

I hadn’t had a bra fitting before. I booked my fitting in at Farmers in Newmarket with a woman called Marion. Stripping down in front of a complete stranger is not the most relaxing experience, however the name ‘Marion’ had a sense of ease and security to it. Well, she sure did live up to her name! Proudly showing me through the lingerie she had perfectly merchandised earlier –  Marion was that motherly figure you instantly felt safe with.

Chattering away, she was quick to grasp a sense of my style and what I was looking for. Twenty minutes later we were in the changing room piled up with exquisite lacey bralettes and a few different sports bras. I walked away with two new bras that fit me perfectly and a few tips from the lovely Marion:

  • Adjust the shoulder straps first, and then when hooking the bra around your torso, start with the loosest hook.
  • Lean forward; if the bra comes away from the chest drop down a down cup size back
  • If you want to go up a size in your torso, drop a cup size back e.g. if you are going from a 10c to a 12c drop to a 12b otherwise the cup goes bigger and bigger
Photo: Carmen Huter 
HollybyCarmenHuter-18Photo: Carmen Huter 
FullSizeRender (7)
Photo: Carmen Huter 

The colour of my new Elle Macpherson Bralette is so striking, it made my eyes pop and I knew it would look gorgeous under a crisp white shirt and it did!

FullSizeRender (5)
Photo: Carmen Huter 
FullSizeRender (6)
Photo: Carmen Huter 
HollybyCarmenHuter-34Photo: Carmen Huter 

I don’t work out often (slash ever) I’m too busy working and blogging for that! So a functional sports bra isn’t at the top of my list, but I do need a relaxed casual bra for the weekends or for my walks along the beach. I chose the new Bonds bra and matching underwear. I can honestly say the most comfortable underwear I own.

Photo: Carmen Huter 
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 8.29.24 amPhoto: Sophie Miyas
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 8.42.31 amPhoto: Sophie Miyas

Marion is expecting me back next week, as I couldn’t decide amongst the huge pile of stunning bralettes available. It would be rude to have a shoe addiction like I do, without the support of equally gorgeous lingerie collection right?

Whether you have had a bra fitting before or not, your body is ever changing, so pop in-store to check that you are correctly fitted and investing your money into the right bra that will celebrate your assets beautifully. Make sure you call in advance to pre book yourself a fitting time so they can ensure one of their lovely fitters will be around to help out.

During Lingerie Week (22nd – 28th may) Farmers are giving away a $1000 Farmers Gift Card. Simply get fitted in store by one of their trained consultants, make a lingerie purchase and swipe your Farmers Club Card between 22nd May and 19th June and you’ll automatically go in the draw.

Happy fitting!


Here’s to the ones who dream …

It takes more than a delightful story line or a gushing love affair for a film to make its way into my ‘excessively watched’ list. To join the likes of Hello Dolly and My Fair Lady, it needs to whisk me away from my own reality and feed my imagination with an elegance, wonder and romance not common in my era. I need to unknowingly find myself within a dream world.

DSC_3530 (1)

La La Land, the latest film that had critics desperate to review, was anticipated to do just that. The title is commonly defined as a state of mind synonymous with Hollywood, that is out of touch with reality, focusing on dreams, fantasies or frivolous endeavors.

I was immediately curious as to what story the film would tell, as this definition confused me. A dream or fantasy is something desired, an aspiration or ambition, yet the term frivolous alludes to someone who is carefree, without purpose or value. Surely if you achieve something you passionately desire as a result of your ambition and aspiration, this would be the opposite of carefree without purpose?

But the movie beautifully redefined the term La La Land. It followed the passionate love affair between not only the two lead characters but the relationship they had with their individual careers and aspirations. It explored a topic becoming more evident in today’s society – the juxtaposition of career and love. It was the story of their highs and lows as they struggled to remain loyal to their career aspirations while balancing the love they had unexpectedly formed for each other.

I won’t spoil the ending … but the film reminds us of the importance of being committed to your own happiness; to cement a happiness that is achieved from following your aspirations, ambitions and goals. Because when we are truly happy within ourselves, our ability to love others is deeper, stronger and wiser.

La La Land is not just for the hopeless romantics or musical addicts, it talks to us all – because we all dream … and we all love.

I found and fell in love with my career for the first time a few years ago. The same time I was coming out of my latest relationship. I hadn’t experienced such immense passion for an industry or talent before, but it was something that I happily devoted every spare minute to, so I knew this love was different. Caught at my own crossroad, I followed my intuition and happiness. I turned left and embarked on a journey that has opened up many opportunities and experiences I had only “dreamed of”.

So in honour of redefining the phrase La La Land, I recreated my favourite scenes from the movie alongside my Ryan Gosling/bloggin’ buddy Jaheb Barnett. La La Land is now available exclusively to SKY customers through SKY Box Office. It can be booked online, over the phone or even by text message, making watching movies snuggled up at home even easier!






Here’s to the ones who dream …


9 Things I Do and Don’t Miss from the 90s

As I walked past the windows of Calvin Klein on High Street a few weeks ago I was taken back to a time where giant coke bottles were 50c and my only form of exercise was with my highlighter pink Skip-It. Looking up at the mannequins dressed in double denim with bursts of the iconic CK logo, it was clear that the 90s era was back. Their outfits reminded me of the CK Jeans ad with Kate Moss that was tacked to my inspiration wall as a teen. Who would have thought that I would be trying on the same pieces I was trying on 20 years ago!



So with the 90s making its way back into the wardrobes of 2017, it got me reminiscing about some things I do and don’t miss from this rebel era.

9 Things I Do Miss:

  • TV shows like Blind Date, Temptation Island and Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game.
  • Lying in bed listening to Love Songs Till Midnight with Gael on The Breeze.
  • Big Fresh and their happy vegetables swinging from the roof.
  • Paper recycling kits … was that just me?
  • ‘As If’.
  • Falling asleep to the sound of my parents watching Country Calendar downstairs.
  • Watching Absolutely Fabulous and Sex and the City episodes each week for the first time. Now the repeats are up to at least 20.
  • Writing letters updating my international pen pals on all the teenage goss in New Zealand. The feeling of receiving a thick letter with stickers and doodles all over the front, doesn’t come with a Facebook notification.
  • Telling ghost stories! I wonder how many different versions there ended up being? It was a bit like Chinese Whispers as the stories were never written down, only retold from one friend to another. I wonder if they are still going now, and if so what they have become!

9 Things I Don’t Miss:

  • Trying to record songs off the radio onto a mix tape and never managing to capture the full song start to finish.
  • Jellys with heels. How did this even happen?
  • Having to log off the internet so my brother could use the phone. Or trying to call my best friend with the 30mins of ‘phone time’ I had, but getting nothing more than her engaged tone as someone was on her internet!
  • Skinny eyebrows. If I was a teen in the 80s I’d still have the bushy brows I was born with, but I was a teen in the 90s and in true Drew Barrymore fashion I plucked them all out. Here I am 20 years later waiting to get them tattooed back on!
  • Body glitter … enough said.
  • 90s commercials like ‘Chicken Tonight’.
  • Boys hair styles like the shaved head with the long fringe or shaved head and the rats tail.
  • Mini skirts over pants.
  • I never understood this one, but why on earth were kids at high school rushing home to watch the Teletubbies?

I spent an afternoon with Jaheb Barnett, reminiscing on the 90s in our timeless Calvin Klein looks. If you haven’t already, pop into Calvin Klein on High St in Auckland and be prepared to walk out with bags full of double denim memories.









I’m off to stream Season One of Sex and the City … in my Calvins.

Photos by the lovely Sophie Miya-Smith




Exploring one of the most luxurious, Instagramable resorts in the pacific: the new Marriott Momi Bay

New Zealand, a country that surrounds us with pure beauty, raw nature and breathtaking landscapes, attracts thousands of eager tourists every year. Its beauty is seen out of the zip up doors of a tent or out the back windows of a two person camper van. It is simply breath taking, on that we can all agree (check out Carmen Huter – she captures this perfectly). But when it comes to luxurious beach resorts, we often scroll through our Instagram feeds, following our favourite travel bloggers, miles away, who skip across the likes of Europe or Dubai sharing a different kind of beauty, the luxurious kind.

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Well, I am about to share a little secret … I discovered one of the world’s most luxurious, Instagramable resorts and it is only a 2-3 hour flight from New Zealand. A tropical, Mediterranean inspired paradise has nestled itself into the west coast of Viti Levu, Fiji; the new Marriott Momi Bay Resort, offering Fiji’s first ‘Over Water’ Villa experience, Bure Villas that step onto the lagoon beach or Deluxe Rooms over looking the crystal blue pool.

Spiked your interest? Well add this to your bucket list if you seek:

Seclusion and serenity: 45mins from Nadi airport, you escape the hustle and bustle of Denarau, and instead become lost in the beautiful Marriott Momi Bay Resort, exploring the little walk ways, crystal blue pools, amazing restaurants and stretches of sandy beaches.

A striking sunset: Relax in one of the loungers at Fish Bar, with your feet in sand and a cocktail in hand. Watch the stunning blood orange sun set into the South Pacific Ocean. Everyone goes silent, taking in the sun’s passing beauty. It’s a goose bump moment.

An affordable yet world class experience: For most, an Over Water Villa experience sits on your ‘If I won lotto’ wish list. Take a look at the deals offered on their website – you will be surprised how reasonable they are! I stayed in the Duplex Lagoon Front Bure which stepped right onto the beach. It was bliss! Even if you stay in the deluxe rooms, the hotel facilities, views and services will wrap you in luxury.

A ‘child free’ holiday: The adults only infinity pool is conveniently positioned next to Fish Bar. I devoured the decadent scallops, grilled eggplant and perfectly salted margarita. Set yourself up in one of the cabanas for the day or lie poolside with your feet dangling in the water.

A family holiday: Drop the kids off at the kid’s club to make some friends and learn a bit about Fijian culture, or play volleyball or giant chess with the whole family by the family pool.

Genuine, friendly service: The service is 5 star. From stepping out of the taxi to loading your suitcases as you say good-bye. Smiling, friendly faces are everywhere. Not driven by tips, not because they have to, but because they want to. That Fijian smile is for real.

Although we share the same ocean, time zone and a love of seafood, the contrasting climates between New Zealand and Fiji set us far apart. With a few cold months ahead of us, take a weekend escape to the warmer waters, balmy nights and Fijian smiles at The Marriott Momi Bay Resort.

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle


Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle


A huge thank you to Rob from Kama Catch Me who chose to explore the resort with me (in high heat) to capture its beauty through our eyes. Their Instagram tells their unique ‘off the beaten path’ photography story beautifully. If you are looking to capture an occasion or experience through a creative lens, words simply cannot describe their talent so I have shared a few of my favourites below:

Kama Catch Me - Fiji Photography

Kama Catch Me - Fiji Photography

Kama Catch Me - Fiji Photography

I’ll be back next year so I hope to see you all poolside!




How to Craft a Striking Style

Other than the French influence in our names, the brand essence of Givenchy’s new Dahlia Divin Le Nectar reflects my style inspiration, luxurious sophistication without the expensive price tag. I grew up on the floor of my mother’s wardrobe, admiring her perfectly displayed collection of striking textures, tailored silk shirts, velvet blazers and delicate scarves. Her wardrobe was the epitome of sophisticated luxury. Yet you would never see an exuberant price tag hanging down off an item she had bought a year ago and hadn’t yet worn. She had an eye for luxurious yet affordable style, turning heads and attracting compliments wherever she went.

FullSizeRender (26)

As I grew older, I began crafting my own style, using what my mother had taught me as my base and allowing my lifestyle and experiences to add my unique interpretation on fashion. Personal style is a portrait of someone’s experiences, whether it be travel, people you have met or a reflection of your direction, aspirations and goals. No two people have the same experiences or inspirations, so no two styles will be the same.

With 32 years of life experience behind me, inspired by the countries travelled, the individual styles of those I’ve met along the way, the fashion risks, fails, and wins, my style will continue to evolve, refine and reflect who I am and who I will become. That’s the true beauty of style.

I admire how fashion and style aren’t reliant on price. I am often asked to share tips on affordable style.  I have three that combine to help guide a sophisticated yet affordable style:

1. Own the staples

With the growing range of affordable retailers in New Zealand, buying a larger selection of basics is much easier. Here are the basics that fill out my wardrobe:

  • Jeans: boyfriend and fitted cuts, dark and light coloured including white and black. Jeans have drastically come down in price; my favourite store sells all the latest looks for as low as $49 allowing me to play around with trends that may only last a few months.
  • T-shirts and singlets: again a range of loose and tight fitting. I tend to stick to the neutral colours, white, blush, tan, grey and black.
  • Simple jumpers and cardigans: non-branded, again neutral colours.

2. Collect timeless pieces

This is where my personality shines. Whether it be a pair of sunglasses, a statement jacket, unusual eye catching accessories or a signature perfume – it’s unique pieces that can transform a look and represent your style and mood for the day. I am a classic girl but I invest in quality. My mother bought a brown leather jacket in Paris when she was 23. It was tailor-made and fitted her like a glove. I now own this jacket, 40 years later and it would be the most treasured item in my wardrobe. It’s items like these that I am happy to spend more money on. I often rummage through my mum’s storage and dig up old belts, scarves like the one below that is 25 years old. That is timeless.

3. Use social media

I still favour flicking through the pages of a magazine, folding the edges of looks I love and cutting out my wish list. However, social media has allowed easy and accessible inspiration. Now that I have built a strong wardrobe of basic and feature pieces I find it easy to create looks inspired from Instagram. I don’t like to copy, and like I said, no two people would wear an item the same way. Use Instagram and Pinterest to point you in an unfamiliar direction, to try something new or, on the flip side help you pull an outfit together in a few minutes while running late for work!

As clichéd as it sounds, fashion is fun. It’s a creative outlet for many of us and a way to celebrate femininity and individualism. Fashion has no rules, so let your experiences and creativity reflect and represent who you are. Hubert de Givenchy once said…

“To have style is to have a feeling for what is currently fashionable, and still to simultaneously remain true to oneself”

Givenchy’s new perfume stays true to his words. A symbol of femininity, the Dahlia Divin Le Nectar compliments a woman’s individuality, embodying a sophisticated affordable style.

Here’s a bit of my style. A reflection of some of my travels across Europe, the people I’ve met, a mix of old and new, staples and more expensive timeless pieces.

FullSizeRender (28)Photos: Kamacatchme
FullSizeRender (29)Photos: Kamacatchme
HollyMy favourite statement jacket – Eye of the Biker by Cooper
Photo: Click Cat Click
FullSizeRender (22)Photo: Click Cat Click

FullSizeRender (14)

Holly 31 March - Art Gallery & Clock Tower-2590Photo: Click Cat Click

Integrating the basics with timeless pieces:

Dahlia Divin Le Nectar is available as a 30ml RRP $106, 50ml RRP $140, 75ml RRP $174 from Life Pharmacy

Zara White Shirt, Kookai Neck Scarf, Marigold Lane Necklace and Earrings

Eye of the Biker Jacket – Cooper

H&M Silk Blend Jacket, H&M Silk Blouse, H&M Jacquard-Weave Dress and Clip Earrings from their new Conscious Exclusive Collection

White Zara Jeans, White Zara Knit, Zara Bag

Prada and Stella McCartney Sunglasses from Smith & Caugheys


Thanks to Life Pharmacy for sharing the Dahlia Divin Le Nectar story and making this post happen.

Collab: H&M spread with Jaheb Barnett

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life” – Amy Poehler

Holly + JB -4

I have a few life mottos that I reference regularly; some are my own, some are the wise words of others but right now Amy Poehler’s view on collaboration is front and center. I have never shied away from meeting new people, making new friends or being a part of a team. Although I love to write and share stories and inspiration through my blog, it is the people I meet within the community that fuels my passion.

I can spend up to 10 hours creating a blog post which might sound crazy to some, but the people, opportunities and collaborations that come from it are worth every minute. A few weeks ago, I noticed a new follower join my Instagram, Jaheb Barnett. After flicking through his feed, his passion for creativity and the quality of his content immediately sparked my interest. We had a similar style and I was curious to hear more about his direction. A week later we met up and all the ideas I had bottled up were being thrown around the table, as were his. He was someone that challenged me creatively and inspired me to improve on the areas I wasn’t strong in. I had skills and experience in areas that he wasn’t strong in, so together we began collaborating.

The blogging world is an endless pit of potential collaborations; not only with bloggers but designers, photographers, brands … collaboration opportunities are endless.

We teamed up with the team H&M and the remarkably talented Carmen Huter to create our first collaboration for the year.


Holly + JB -2

Holly + JB -5

Holly + JB -6

Holly + JB -1

Holly + JB -11

Holly + JB -8

Holly + JB -14Dress in store June & jacket in store April
Holly + JB -24Jeans in store May & sweatshirt in store July

Holly + JB -16

Holly + JB -17

Holly + JB -18

2017-03-22 18.07.51.arw

Holly + JB -20T-shirt in store June
Holly + JB -21Top in store now

H&M has opened up the world of accessible fashion in New Zealand. They have always been a go to for classic staples but their quirky statement pieces and use of contrasting colour and textures has competitively positioned them in the world of New Zealand fashion. I could easily spend hours browsing in-store on a Sunday afternoon but if you are not from Auckland then jump online and keep a eye out for these styles launching soon.

If you don’t already follow Carmen, then flick over to her Instagram feed and be prepared to be inspired by the beauty of not only New Zealand, but the world through her eyes. Her use of colour and the way she captures the unique beauty of any setting, is admired by over 50,000 followers. I fell in love with her creativity, her passion, her energy and her little red scooter.