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The Woman: Who Is Hazel?

I’ve been low key Insta crushing on the gorgeously hilarious, gumboot wearing, part time farmer, full time shit talker (as she describes herself), Hazel, the alter ego from ‘What Hazel Said’.
IMG_20161106_120434 (1)

Documenting her daily wins (which earn her a star on her star chart), struggles and rants (like the fact that her local baristas cannot seem to master the art of a simple short black), she enlightens the lives of thousands of followers with a real talk approach to her own reality ….

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The Woman : Creating Her Free Range Lifestyle

I met Laura in my early twenties during my study in Otago. I was drawn to her free spirit, her love for adventure and her ambition to always keep up with the boys! I’ve shared so many wild experiences with her from road trips to Wanaka to exploring the beaches of Indo on the back of a tiny scooter, but these days Laura is perfecting the art of raising a family ‘free range’ style in New Plymouth.… Read the rest

The Woman : A life rich in travel, experience and the most exquisitely plated dishes imaginable

Shantala, a name that suggests a woman of free spirit. Someone warm, with a soft nature and a beautiful contagious smile. Someone outgoing and confident but humble and intriguing. A name that couldn’t be more suited to my friend Shala. We’ve been friends many years, but I rarely see her as she’s spent the last few years sailing on a super yacht to beautiful places around the world, creating world class dishes for their owners and guests.… Read the rest