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A YSL Kind of Beauty

“The most beautiful make up on a woman is passion…. but cosmetics are easier to buy” 

– Yves Saint Laurent

I was asked the other day what my truth was. It was during a sound bowl healing session and I was asked to write it down, scroll it up and keep it on my heart during the ceremony.  My truth is my passion. I am passionate in the way I love, both romantically and towards my friends and family. I am passionate about creating and living a life where I am content and fulfilled and I am passionate in my work, what I do and what I can achieve.

To me success comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. Some of my most memorable success stories have been as simple as feedback or recognition shared in a sentence via email. Some are the opportunities to write and collaborate with brands I had once dreamed of working with. YSL Beauty was one of them.

It is important to me to be genuinely passionate about each of the brands I choose to work with. Not only do I need to represent and reflect their brand but their brand needs to reflect mine. Being a gold girl and a lover of a dash of luxury,  I had always wanted to dress my make up stand with the golden details and features that wrap each of the YSL Beauty products.

So here I am, a woman wearing both my passion and a line of the most luxurious cosmetics created. Grateful.



This month I am helping YSL Beauty celebrate the launch of their new Colour Correcting Blur Primers and their first make up setting spray. I have only recently started using primers and now they are a staple in my makeup routine. They come in three shades, Orange for tanned/olive skin, Pink for all complexions and Blue for fair skin.

On application they smooth the skin flawlessly, evening and illuminating the skin tone, prepping the skin for your foundation. The formulae is light and weightless which I love as I don’t feel like I am adding layers of unnecessary product. I prefer a natural lightweight look and since wearing this new range I have had numerous comments on my skin.

Although I opt for a natural look, I need a full and lasting coverage as I don’t tend to top up my make up during the day. The All Hours 24 Hour foundation is a SPF 20, oil free and non-pore clogging foundation that does just as it says it does – lasts all day. It is infused with black tea antioxidant complex, protecting the skin from pollution while protecting my skin from dullness and fatigue.

I’m sure you have had a friend or family member share their love for the Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Pen. It has confidently established itself as a makeup ‘must have’ for woman of all cultures. It is a highlighting essential and is easily applied under the eye, across the top of the cheek bone or as I like to use it – under the arch of my eye brow to highlight and define the area. It can also be used to plump up the lip, quickly remove dark circles or to correct the fall out of mascara or eye shadow.

The golden make up fixer – Top Secrets Make Up Setting Spray is the final touch to a flawless look. I have been carrying this in my bag to also give a quick mist mid day. It sets as a protective layer keeping the make up in place with its Moroccan Walnut Leaf Extract and Jojoba Oil, hydrating the skin while keeping it radiant and glowing.



So this is my new YSL Beauty make up family – simple, lightweight and flawless.

Colour Correcting Blur Primers $93

All Hours 24 Hour Foundation $101

Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Pen $69

Top Secrets Make Up Setting Spray $85



YSL Urban Getaways

It’s as if this collection was made and launched for me as I am about to jet off to experience my dream Urban Getaway! Exploring LA, NYC and skipping across the great cities of Europe, I now have a makeup collection packed and ready that celebrates the Northern Hemisphere Summer and is inspired by the beauty of a city adventure.





I will be creating some colourful summer looks to compliment the many outfits I have packed and I can’t wait to share these with you!

Couture Palette Collector – $126

Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick – $66

Rouge Volupte Tint in Balm – $66



Berry Breakfast Collagen Balls

If you are in your thirties are you have not yet introduced Collagen Powder into your daily routine, then I highly recommend you do! Why? Because once we hit 30 our collagen levels drop 1% – 2% every year! Incorporating powdered collagen into your diet will replenish and boost collagen levels in the body, increasing collagen production and reducing those fine lines and wrinkles.

The Japanese woman pride themselves on their skincare regimes that help them maintain their youthful appearance. So it is no surprise that Japanese collagen is known to be the best in the world. Adashiko Collagen is produced in Japan and therefore has established itself at the forefront of the collagen industry in New Zealand.

I’ve been using Adashiko for over a year now and can confidently say it will be a staple in my morning routine for life. I shared a Collagen Boosting Juice Recipe last year which you can read here. I add Adashiko to my morning coffee every morning. I leave my tub right next to my coffee so I never forgot. I also sprinkle over salad or even roast veges, but today I used a few things I had lying around to create some berry breakie collagen balls.


Here’s how:

I’m up at my beach house and my mother annoying took the glass part of the blender back to Singapore with her grrrr so I used a pestle and mortar instead and I actually think I like the texture better!

Add each of the following to the mortar one at a time, grind and add to a larger bowl.

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 Hubbards Crispy Crunch Granola (my boss gave me half a bag as she knows I’m saving for my Europe trip and am being ridiculously cheap until I leave … so thanks G!)
  • 1/2 cup frozen boysenberries (the consistency of these in a pestle and mortar is just like a sorbet!)
  • 1/4 cup dried coconut

Mix in the bowl with 2 tablespoons of Pics Peanut Butter and 8 scoops of Adashiko and roll on a plate of extra coconut.

These are great for that 10am craving (I get these every day … and again at 3pm!) so pack a few in the staff fridge to stop the craving for the brownies from the cafe down the road!

I found the benefits of using Adashiko really interesting, so pop over to their website for more detailed info and reviews.









How To Prep For A More Natural Look This Summer

It’s almost September, so I’ve started preparing my skin to be confident with a natural look this summer, hopefully make up free! During my recent trip to Fiji I regularly applied my sunblock, but with the harsh rays and being in and out of the water I still came back with a bunch of sunspots that now show through my foundation.

I was told by my darling Tori Hayley that Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution works wonders for dark spots, so I’m about a week in with this one!  I’m also using their Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate to accelerate surface skin cell turnover. Once I’ve tackled my uneven tone and sun spots, I’m hoping my skin will be all prepped and ready to glow. But not without regular application of a good sunscreen…

kiehl's, make up free, holly estelle

Who else struggles to find a sunscreen that doesn’t feel oily, leaving your foundation to slip down your face all day!! I’ve been using Kiehl’s 50+ Sunscreen under my make up each morning. Its light and quickly absorbs into the skin, keeping my foundation in place all day.

Incorporating a quality face tan into your skincare regime is an easy way to even out a patchy skin tone. I’ve been using Eco Tan’s Face Tan Water for over a year now and absolutely love it. With a water like texture, it goes on similar to a toner and is anti ageing and anti acne BRILLIANT! I’ve also been introduced to Manuka Doctors’s Age Defying Bronzing Gel. For me, the Face Tan water is perfect for day to day use, maintaining a gradual tan. Whereas the Manuka Doctor Bronzing Gel has a quicker effect, perfect for the night before a day at the beach.

make up free holly estelle

holly estelle, fashion blog


kiehl's, holly estelle, new zealand fashion blog

Holly estelle, fashion blog new zealand

But there are always the days where you just need a little cover!

Summer is the season to embrace your natural glow, but if you need a little more cover try using a natural based foundation. I’ve used the Nude by Nature primer, pressed powder and illuminator for years but this month I’ve been using their new Flawless Liquid Foundation and Concealer. Enriched with antioxidants from the Lily Pilly Plant (how cute is that name) it provides long lasting natural coverage with a light, soft finish.

Tip: invest in a few different shades to ensure you apply the best match to your skin depending on your tan. As they say, Thursday is the day you go from a 2 to a 10 and that is certainly is the case for me! Having a few shades on the go allows me to mix and match depending on the stage of my tan.

holly estelle fashion blog new zealand

holly estelle, new zealand fashion blog

Holly Estelle NZ Fashion Blog

Kiehl’s Stockists

EcoTan from


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THE BEST Collagen Boost Juice for Glowing Skin

I decided to take a more natural approach to my skincare about a year ago. My skin was breaking out, red and blotchy and often looked dull. Adashiko Collagen Powder and Noni Gel were a few of the first products I introduced into my new routine and have been a vital part of my ‘skin team’ every since. Did you know you could add a few scoops of collagen to your coffee in the morning? I didn’t!

FullSizeRender (3)

Last weekend I threw a few of my favourite collagen rich foods into the blender with a few scoops of Adashiko to create a yummy collagen boosting juice for glowing skin.

This is honestly the tastiest juice I’ve made, I guarantee it!

  • 1 x Red Capsicum
  • 1 x Orange
  • 1 x Apple
  • 1 x Cup of Raspberries
  • 1 x Bunch of Basil
  • 1 x Handful of Flaxseeds
  • 2 x Cups of Pomegranate Juice
  • AND … 2 x Scoops of Adashiko Collagen


Adashiko Collagen is 100% natural and replenishes and boosts the natural collagen production, and for that reason has quickly become a big part of my fight against ageing. Its tasteless and odourless so can be easily added to your morning coffee, sprinkled over a salad or added into a smoothie.

I use the Noni Gel each morning under my make up. Its 5 in 1 formulae reduces the appearance of pigmentation and helps prevent acne and breakouts. I rarely experience acne anymore which is a huge relief as it was really starting to upset me, no one wants acne in their thirties!

I am often asked if my nails are real. They are long and thick and look like they could be acrylic but they are all mine, grown by me! Adashiko strengthens and fortifies hair, skin and nails, so for this benefit alone I would try it for yourself.

FullSizeRender (4)

For more on the benefits of Adashiko and other testimonials pop over to their site

Read more about my favourite natural skincare products here.









Tried, tested, love. The Best Natural Skincare Products of 2017.

10 months into my natural skincare regime, I can truly see the long term benefits of caring for my skin the natural way. The products I started with back in August last year are still in my daily or weekly routine such as Inika, Trilogy, Eco Tan and Skinfood. However, I have lovingly introduced a few additional products that compliment the existing ones perfectly. Here’s a round up of the products that are helping me combat ageing and build a natural and healthy glow:


Trilogy Rosehip Oil: The purity of this product is felt in the first drop. With the power to help with pigmentation, fight fine lines, promote elasticity and boost hydration, I use this each night before I go to bed. I also massage the left overs into my cuticles to help stop them from tearing.

FullSizeRender (42)

The Beauty Elixir:  whipped me up a blend of Rosehip, Tamanu, Hemp and Raspberry Seed oil specifically for my skin. The main concern with my skin is the pigmentation, so I double dose on the Rosehip. I put my Beauty Elixir oil on as soon as I get home from work to allow my skin to absorb it over a few hours. The Hemp helps to balance my skins oil, the Raspberry seed is a super antioxidant and the Tamanu is “liquid gold” as Romy says. The best bit is that it was made specifically for me! More on Romy and her healing powers to come.

FullSizeRender (43)

Inika: A leader in natural beauty, their organic natural products have simplified my make up routine and the size of my make up bag! I use their foundation, eye shadow duo, eye liners and bronzer, thats basically it for my weekday make up!


Eco Tan: I am as white as the sand at my beach house! However, no one would know exactly how white I really am as I am self confessed self tan addict. Eco Tan’s Face Tan Water has been life changing. It’s not only a natural anti ageing water that both tans and tones, but it has evened out my complexion and reduced those annoying monthly acne spots!


Savar: Oh these ladies have produced the most exquisite range of products using ingredients native to New Zealand. Their face wash is and has been my number one for most of my natural skincare journey. It foams beautifully with a luxurious texture and consistency…winner! Im currently bathing in their instant boost toner too.


Adashiko: I use their Noni Gel each morning after washing my face with water, then double up with two scoops off their 100% Pure Peptide Collagen Powder in my coffee while I wait for the gel to dry.  The benefits of these products are endless so I urge you to read some of their many testimonials online. I personally use them for their anti ageing properties and to strengthen my hair and nails.

FullSizeRender (47)

Raw Complexions: We tend to focus on the products we put on our skin and forget how easy it is to consume the nutrients needed to support a healthy, beautiful complexion from the inside out. Raw Complexions have created two powerful products, the Skintox and the Skin Balance.  A mix of superfoods, ancient herbs, alkalising greens and antioxidants that assist the skin to detox, cleanse and rejuvenate from within.

FullSizeRender (44)

Girl Undiscovered: ‘100% Wild, honest and heartfelt, liberated and fearless’ this brand defines me. The crystal cleansing water removes any make up and dirt I may have missed during a wash while enriching my skin with Thanaka 8 Extract, wild island kanuka honey and Balinese virgin coconut oil to prep and balance my skin. An honest and powerful ethos behind an honest and powerful brand and product. The love, passion and detail that goes into the packaging and presentation of their products, beautifully compliments the products themselves.


The Boho Co: Caught my eye as they “sprinkled their good vibes” all over Instagram. Their body polishes do just that, polish the body leaving it silky and hydrated and smelling deliciously edible! Swap out the exfoliating glove for a tub of this body loving goodness. I am also burning their Vanilla Spice coconut wax candle for a dreamy winters night vibe.


Skinfood: You will be sold with the first sniff of these products! Their moisturisers are on my desk at work and help hydrate my skin in the air con. We always ohh and ahh over how good we smell each day after applying. The texture of the walnut shell in their exfoliating scrub makes it easy to evenly and consistently exfoliate my face.


Koko Body: An activated charcoal and pumice exfoliator which detoxifies the face, drawing out impurities. A Sunday morning ritual for me, I leave it on my skin for 10 mins before splashing off with water and feeling the hydration of the organic coconut oil sink in.


Magnifibres: Last but DEFINITELY not least is my new found obsession, the Magnifibres Lashes. I removed my eyelash extensions after 5 years to embrace a natural appearance. Now I apply a layer of mascara, coat with Magnifibres and finish with another layer of mascara to build a natural fuller longer look.


All of the beautiful colours, prints and jewellery featured in these pics are from my darling girlfriends shop Marigold Lane Shop. 


Why Ive Chosen Natural Skincare


I am half way through my natural skin care month and it has been amazing, I wish I had started this earlier! The most noticeable change has been with my pores. They actually look and feel smaller. My skin went from looking dry and dull to moist and glowing. It’s only been a few weeks and I’m sure it sounds over exaggerated but people have actually noticed the change, so I know it’s not just me

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had been feeling really unhappy with my skin and I knew I needed to try something new. I have a healthy balanced diet; I drink loads of water and get more than enough sleep so trying a natural based skincare regime was next on the list, to try beat this problem

My usual skincare regime pretty much consisted of any products that were on special at the supermarket, so there really was no consistency or thought in it at all. All the products I am using this month are products I have used and loved before, I just hadn’t used them exclusively with other natural based products. I couldn’t be happier with my choices, so here they are in all their natural beauty!



I try to support New Zealand business as much as I can and the natural based, organic, super lush products that come out of the Skinfood door make it very hard not to!

There are three main products that I just have to share first, their mud mask, coconut oil and exfoliator. I have tried so many facemasks but what I love about this one is its rich, thick and creamy. Its dries fairly quickly but I like to leave it on for about 20 minutes. Once washed off my skin is beyond soft, I cant stop touching it!

Coconut oil is actually one of the reasons I wanted to go natural. As I previously mentioned, my mum uses coconut oil every night and swears by it. After cleansing my skin I massage a few drops of their coconut oil on my face and rub into my lips. I have always had really dry lips and I am finding the oil much more effective than lip balm. I then rub in the leftover oil from my hands into the cuticles of my nails.

The exfoliator is honestly the best exfoliator I have tried. I have two exfoliators sitting in my bathroom that I just don’t use because when I apply it to my face and start to circulate with my fingers, I can’t feel any exfoliation happening, as there are so few grains! The Skinfood exfoliator actually exfoliators the skin easily, I love it!



Because I have issues with my skin, having a full coverage foundation that lasts is a must. I had this idea that natural based foundation wouldn’t give me the coverage I needed; I imagined it to be light without lasting the full day. Well that certainty is not the case when it comes to the Inika foundation. I have met my match; a natural, organic foundation that has better coverage than any foundation I have used before and lasts the full day.

Something that irritated me with my last foundation was my mascara would run under my eyes during the day. I tried using compressed or setting powder under my eye in hopes that this would help, but it just dried up the skin and my mascara would still run. I have absolutely no run now that I am using Inika! It also smells so fresh, I can smell it during the day, its amazing.

When selecting my foundation colour I realised I was right in the middle of two shades. So I got both, unknowingly solving one of my most annoying make up problems! I am an avid fake tanner, I go through shades of tan depending on the day of the week. So on tan day one my foundation matches my neck perfectly, but when it starts to fade I have to wear a scarf to work to cover up my white neck and hide the ridiculous mis-match between my face a neck. Now that I have two shades, I can blend the two to make the perfect match depending on my tan, brilliant!

I use their primer before applying the foundation. It helps even out my skin, the foundation lasts longer and it keeps my skin moist and feeling fresh under my make up. I am also using their bronzer, which is a loose powder with a slight shimmer that goes on flawlessly. I bought their vegan blush brush to apply the bronzer. I love how soft it is to the face and that it allows me to lightly apply the bronzer and control the application easily.


Eco Tan:

FullSizeRender (15)

I have always been the one at the beach that sits firmly under my parasoul umbrella. I never lay out in the sun as I refuse to be leather back jack when I am older and my health is way to important to me to take a risk with skin cancer. So I am a proud fake tanner.

I regularly use body tan on my face even though I knew it wouldn’t be the best for my skin. So I was immediately intrigued when I saw Eco Tans Face Tan Water appear in my Instagram feed, I just had to give it a go! They are all about clean and green beauty so it was an easy decision to switch to their products. After cleansing my skin I literally splash this on with my fingers and blend into my neck. I first applied this at night time before I went to bed and when I woke up my face was an even bronze colour, no streaks, no orange or yellow, just a gorgeous island tan! In addition to this, the Face Tan Water is anti aging and anti acne….. the dream.

Before & After one application

For my body I am using their Cacao Firming Mousse. Again, not just a tan! Made with coffee, blood orange, ginger and mandarin it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. I really like using mousse as it tends to last longer and is easier to apply. I find that tan tends to develop on my skin better over night. So I apply before going to bed then wash off in the morning. It wasn’t orange, streaky or fake looking and developed into a gorgeous deep tan…. as you will see above!!



Ahhhh Trilogy I Love You!!! I think many can agree here. Hitting 30 you naturally start thinking about those anti aging products. I switched to the anti aging Eco Tan Water and now Im looking into other anti aging natural based products I can incorporate into my skin care regime. I have found Trilogys Eye Contour Cream which I apply in the morning and at night to help smooth and firm the eye area. With my busy lifestyle I feel this is the area that wears it the most so using the best products here is a must!

I am also using their Shampoo and Conditioner so I am natural based from head to toe! The Shampoo leaves my hair squeaky clean which is sometimes quite hard with the length of my hair, so this is a major selling point for me. I think I mentioned this earlier but in conjunction with their Botanical body wash I leave the shower smelling and feeling like I just left the Day Spa, worth every cent!

Their blemish control gel has been my regular for about a month now. This lives on my chin area every night and helps to stop blemishes before they appear, sometimes Im quick enough! I also just bought their face cleanser which I am yet to try so will include that in my next blog post.


Day One Shots:

Here are my dreaded day one shots, as you can see I have large pores, imperfections and little blemishes. Two weeks in and I already feel my skin has changed so I cant wait to share some comparison shots after 4 weeks!!



I am absolutely thrilled with how my natural based skincare regime is going so far. Check back in for more updates on my changes.

Holly xxx

My Favourite Natural Skincare Products For Spring



Hello Spring! The season for change and the perfect time to try a natural skincare regime! If you haven’t used natural products before, start with a trial month and see how your skin feels. I’ve been using natural skincare products for a month now, literally head to toe, and I’m weirdly addicted… to the point where I gave away all my products that weren’t natural!

I had planned to post my natural skincare four week update, but with all the work events and activities over the last ten days, I literally had no time with the natural day light to take any decent pics, so this is coming this weekend!

Since it is now officially spring, I thought it would be a great time to share some new natural skincare products Im loving from Trilogy, Saver, Adashiko and EcoTan.




I fell in love with Saver as soon as I saw their packaging. I knew I had to try it if the actually product was as luxurious as it looked on the outside! It was every bit as lush as I had hoped. I need a good face wash that lathers on and ensures that every last spot of make up is well and truly gone. Savar does just that. It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling nourished and alive. Its ingredients include organic cucumber which hydrates and tones, manuka honey which protects and promotes heathy skin, and lemon which softens, cleanses and brightens. Savar you really are doing NZ proud with this one. Keep posed for more form Savar on the blog in the next week!




I was lucky enough to be invited to the most exquisite lunch at Cibo last week to celebrate the launch of Trilogy’s new spring collection. I will be sharing this range in further detail soon, along with all the gorgeous photos of the day but for now I wanted to share their new Rosapene Radiance Serum as if never used anything like it!  It’s a lightweight serum that glides on and has a silky smooth texture. What I love about this serum is that it is lightweight enough to go under make up, at night under an oil or just on its own. It promotes a glowing complexion (exactly what every woman in their thirties needs) with Rosapene, Sea Algae and Aloe Vera. The Rosapene, Trilogy’s unique antioxidant complex, helps to repair skin and protect against radical damage, Sea Algae combines to fight the effects of environmental pollution (perfect for us inner city lovers) and Aloe Vera which maintains the moisture balance while soothing the skin. This is just a snippet of the power of this serum so for more details I urge you to have a browse through their site!




I had absolutely NO idea that I could so easily add collagen to my coffee, cereal or sprinkle on my salad. But this is exactly what I have been doing everyday now for just over a week. Im now in my early thirties, so any product that could add a few more botox free years on for me I am 100% in on!

Adashiko peptide collagen is manufactured in Japan (the home of flawless youthful skin) and is 100% natural. There are so many benefits to taking Adashiko daily, it supports lean muscle gain, muscle tone, joint rebuilding, thicker healthier hair and nails, strengthens bones joints and cartilage, heals the gut and reduces inflammation .. I mean the list goes on and on … BUT the number ones, the “heavy hitters” and why we are all here, is Adashikos benefits to our face! Firmer, smoother, subtle and younger looking skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles! Why thank you Adashiko, I very much look forward to this. I have read all their testimonials with customers and look forward to sharing mine too.




My mum has always  worried about blocking up my sweat glands with deodorants when I was younger, she wouldn’t even buy me one that had scent! So Im off to Singapore next week to visit her and I know exactly whats on the list of pressies for her! Eco Tan have released their organic, coconut deodorant with no aluminium and no parabens. Its 100% natural allowing your body to release the toxins, as it should, while smelling like fresh coconut! I love that it rolls on so easily, with my old deodorant it was powdery and difficult to roll on. This doesn’t feel gluggy, its fresh, clean and light. Eco Tan on their winning streak again!

If you are thinking of trying a natural skincare regime, spring is the perfect time to get started! Summers is just around the corner and no doubt we will all be in the ocean or poolside make up free, so we want our skin to be glowing right!

Ill be giving away a few trial packs on my Instagram next week too so keep an eye out!

Holly xxx

My switch to natural skincare

My mum has been trying to get me to use more natural based skin care products for years. I must admit her skin is flawless and always glowing so her regime must be working. Mum uses a natural bar soap that she buys from an Indian woman in Kuala Lumpur who makes them herself using natural plants and ingredients (mum lives in Singapore). She washes her face until its “squeeky clean”, a vital part of the process. She then rinses with water, dabs dry and applies organic cold pressed coconut oil. She sent me a supply of her products to try a year ago but I struggled with smelling like baking (coconut reminds me of mums baking when I was a kid) so it was just a bit weird.

So I have finally agreed to meet her half way and switch up my complete skin care regime for natural based products. I have been increasingly unhappy with my skin lately. I have a healthy, relatively clean diet and I rarely shop down the aisle of the supermarket. I stick to the vege aisle which wraps into the meat section, dairy section and then I’m out the door. BUT it doesn’t show on my face. So I’m wondering if natural based skin care products is kinda like shopping out of the aisles? Many woman in their thirties have issue with their skin and I know between my group of girls, this is a common complaint and frustration.

So, for the month of August I will be swapping out my current make up, skin care, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and even fake tan and replacing them with a range of natural based products. I’m excited to see what the changes are and if I notice any positive changes in my skins complexion given I’ve been using my current products for years!

I have chosen to use a range of selected products over the month including Inika Make Up, Skinfood, Trilogy and Eco Tan which I will review and share with you as I go. All are products I love and have used over the years so Im excited to give them some exclusivity on my face for the next four weeks. Come on guys… me what you got so I can keep you on!

I am so excited to show you all the yummy goodies Ill be using from Skinfood, the beautiful oils and cleansers smell incredible. I started off this morning (day one) with their mud mask, it was divine! Their soaps are absolutely gorgeous too:


I must admit, changing make up brands is scary. Its taken me years to find the right products, coverage, colour and texture and now to completely change it all up … eeek! I walked into work worried that maybe I looked a little funny, that people would notice, but all I had were compliments on how good I looked! My make up bag has down sized by half and I love that, keeping it simple. Ill share all these Inikia products soon, but I  can tell you I am already in love.

FullSizeRender (7)

Everyone knows I am a self-confessed tan-a-holic! I have tried them all folks. Eco Tan has always been up there as one of my favs, so when I saw they had launched the new Cacao Firming Mousse and Face Tan Water I knew these absolutely had to be a part of my month. I am dying to try these tonight and will soon share my review and some before and after pics so you can see for yourself.

FullSizeRender (6)

I’ve always been a fan of Trilogy and have been using the Blemish Gel in excess over the last few months! I’ve decided to try their shampoo, conditioner and body wash this month and I am in love already and its only day one!


I am excited to see how my skin feels week after week with the natural switch. Ill share all the products I have chosen to use and how they feel on my skin in my up coming posts so be sure to check back in!

Hello natural … I love you already!




The Product-Free Facial


I’ve been using natural skincare products for a few months now. I strongly believe that what you feed your body both internally and externally, lives on your skin, especially your face. My eyes are always peeled for new natural skincare advances, research and products.

So when Rosenthal Natural Skincare told me the story of their journey with product-free facials, I was intrigued, as were all my vegan/holistic friends! I had never heard of a product-free facial before. How more natural can you get when it comes to skincare? I was sold…


Michelle starts the session with an aromatherapy foot soak and uses this time to talk you through the massage therapy techniques and benefits of the facial. The technique focuses on massaging the muscles and key meridian pathways of the head and face, releasing tension and balancing the natural flow of energy throughout the body. It’s like a relaxing workout for your face. Stress and tension held in your facial muscles are released gently; leaving your skin looking and feeling, toned, rejuvenated and defined with a healthy glow.

I am a huge advocate for any product or service designed to support the body’s own anti aging process naturally. The body is a powerful beast but there are natural products and services, just as powerful, which can support this. My Rosenthal Facial completely rejuvenated my skin and left my mind, body and soul balanced and radiant. Taking an hour out of my hectic weekend to completely relax and refocus is so important and something I feel woman (especially in our thirties) tend to neglect.

Michelle recommends starting with one facial per week for five weeks, then down to once a month. The Rosenthal Facials include:

Rosenthal® Signature Experience (60minutes) $110.00

Rosenthal® Express Facial (30minutes) $65.00

Rosenthal® Deluxe Experience (85minutes) $155.0

You can find Rosenthal on the first floor at 87 Jervois Road, Herne Bay. Or contact Michelle at



Working with nature, not against it


I definitely don’t consider myself a natural skincare guru; I am simply a woman, in her thirties, who had an interest in exploring a natural approach to skincare. Why? Well my mother’s skincare regime is as simple as they come. Natural handmade bar soap followed by 100% cold-pressed coconut oil. After seeing the copious amounts of products filling my bathroom drawers and hearing me moan about my skin, she urged me to cut back and try introducing some natural products.

Our skin is constantly fighting the toxins and chemicals we expose ourselves to every day. Car fumes, sun, and even the affects of stress and lack of sleep will all show somewhere on our skin. Given our skin is a sponge and will absorb most of what we put on it, I have chosen to use products that naturally nourish and nurture my skin. It gives me a greater feeling of pleasure and well-being as I’m using products that work with nature, not against it.  

I am so immensely proud of New Zealand’s very own natural skincare brand Trilogy Advanced Natural Skincare. It is their belief that nature is by far the best laboratory and I couldn’t agree more.

My nightly routine is now simple and I go to sleep smelling like I’ve stepping into the Botanical Gardens in Auckland. I use their Botanical Body Wash followed by their Pure Plant Body Oil or the Firming Body Lotion. The body oil is the perfect combination of pure plant oils and extracts for women in their thirties who, like me, want to support a life of simple, natural beauty.


A treat for both skin and senses, the subtle botanical fragrances of their body wash and body oils appeal for women and men alike, making the perfect gift for the whole family. 


Trilogy Body Care range comprises seven products, including two NEW products: