Inside Queenstown’s Luxurious Penthouse: Penthouse No. 10 at Sofitel

Like the red sole of a Louboutin, Queenstown has stamped its trademark in the world of luxury. Peppered with opulence, this mystical town has people travelling from across the world for the experience.


Situated in the heart of the town is the Sofitel. A French establishment that integrates its European elegance with authenticity into Queenstown, New Zealand. The hotel design and interior respects the natural beauty of Queenstown, with features, fabrics and textures that go some way towards matching the magnificence of its surroundings. Hues of turquoise weave through the lobby symbolising Lake Wakatipu with pops of golden highlights, a link to Queenstown’s gold mining heritage.

Elevated on the 6th floor of the hotel is the Penthouse No. 10A 225 sqm “Parisian meets alpine” styled suite overlooking Lake Wakatipu. With its breathtaking views coupled with a $2 million dollar overhaul, it’s safe to say that this suite is creating some magnificent memories for the world’s most well-travelled guests.

The double black doors open into a spacious foyer which features the first of two bathrooms. Walking into the main living area you are greeted with a colour palette of soft earthy tones, elevated with golden features, velvet textures and pops of contemporary design. I spent my first afternoon curled up on one of the generously wide cream couches, flicking my way through a book on Tom Ford, whilst peering up through the french doors every now and then to catch a glimpse of the impressive landscape that surrounded me.





The dining room comfortably seats a dinner party of 8 and features a bar complete with everything needed for a night of cocktails and soft jazz in front of the fire. The room is enclosed by thick draping curtains that should only be pulled once the sun is down and the view disappears into darkness.


I like how the television is left out of the main living area. It allows and encourages guests to enjoy the decor of the room with a focus on the landscape, mountains and lake that feature like art on the walls. The outside is truly part of the interior. The television is found in the second living area, a smaller enclosed movie styled room featuring a second fireplace, a lounging couch and ottomans.



The walk through wardrobe is lined with mirrored doors. The his and hers wardrobe wraps around a large ottoman and features a full length mirror elegantly framed like a Rafael painting hanging on the wall of an art gallery.



Through the wardrobe is the bedroom. A spacious room centered with a bed that could comfortably fit at least four of me. I woke up each morning and reached for the remote which slowly raised the blinds, revealing the misty Cecil Peak. This must be an intentional design feature, allowing blinds to open vertically, slowly climbing up the mountain until the view reached the sky.




The bathroom is tiled with golden caramel marble. The proud features of the room are the ‘his and hers’ European styled vanities, an enclosed rain shower, a separate toilet and a standalone, considerably deep bath with a small tv at its foot. The room includes a full range of Hermès products, re-stocked daily with the room service.



As much as I could have easily hidden myself in the suite for the entire weekend, outside of its walls the hotel offers an experience just as extraordinary. We dined on Escargots, buttery Raviolis, Osso Bucco d’Agneau and platters piled with cured meat at Left Bank, a Parisian styled Bistro located in the lobby.


I immediately fell in love with the wine and jazz lounge, 1789, as soon as I stepped foot through the glass doors and into its romantic atmosphere. During the weekend, the sound of live jazz from inside the bar can be heard throughout the hotel lobby. Friday night we listened to a women singing Frank Sinatra behind the grand piano and on Saturday night a gorgeous young man played renditions of some of my favourite songs, such as ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ on his guitar. 


As the sunset over the mountains, we sat in the bubbling 8 seater jacuzzi on the private rooftop balcony of the Penthouse, sipping on a glass of champagne, taking in what will definitely be the most incredible hotel I have experienced. 


A few additions to your stay…


I have spent numerous weekends in Queenstown, yet this was the first time I had made the short trip to Glenorchy. It is just as picturesque as they say. A 40min drive around Lake Wakatipu, each corner turned reveals another scenic stretch of country road and more spectacular views of the lake. Every inch of scenery simply took my breath away. I would absolutely recommend hiring a car and getting lost amongst the valleys one afternoon.



No5 Church Lane

Queenstown has proudly set a high standard of fining dining. It can be difficult to choose which of the intimate and cosy establishments to dine in when limited to only one weekend. Staying in the No10 suite we decided to stay in theme and dine at No5 Church Lane. A dimly lit, sophisticated bistro located right in the heart of the town. I can absolutely put my name behind how incredible both the food and atmosphere were. With a newly refreshed menu featuring delicate dishes such as Fried Kumara Dampers or Hangi Style Vegetables, their cocktails were just as impressive. Soak up the personality of Queenstown by night, as you make the short walk from the Sofitel.


I have spent the last two years shooting in the lobbies of the Accor Hotels. To be invited to stay with them in Queenstown was an honor and I am incredibly grateful for the hospitality and experience I had during this trip. A huge thank you to the Accor and Sofitel Queenstown team for making this all possible. I do hope that my review and photos do your brand justice. I look forward to coming back soon.


Photos: Jared Donkin

Outfits: Trelise Cooper and Witchery Fashion


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