The Conscious Exclusive Collection by H&M

I am incredibly proud to partner with H&M for my second year to help launch and celebrate their beautiful and alluring Conscious Exclusive Collection. Fast fashion is a controversial topic and although fashion giants like H&M are at the forefront of seasonal trends, it is good to see the conscious efforts that HM are making to help support and drive sustainable fashion.

“By next year, 2020, the goal at H&M is to use only 100% recycled or other sustainably sourced cotton. H&M is currently at 95 % sustainably sourced cotton of the total materials used.”

I have always bought pieces that I can integrate into my style as it changes over the years. I have H&M pieces that are over 7 years old and although trends have changed, they remain permanent residents in my wardrobe and I enjoy styling them into new season styles. It’s about being smart when I shop and focusing on building a collection of pieces that can reinvent themselves, like my H&M cannery yellow blazer which I bought in LA for $5! I must admit there were a few years when it went into hiatus but I’m glad I kept it as oversized blazers are back in full force.

The aim of the Conscious Exclusive collection is to move H&M’s fashion and sustainability innovation forward. By incorporating innovative sustainable fabrics and challenging what ‘sustainable fashion’ looks like “They should be beautiful, made with sustainability at its core, but also cherished by the wearer to have a long life”.

Each collection sees the team at H&M incorporate new and innovative materials. Last year it was Econyl and Tencel and this year they have debuted a mix of Piñatex, Orange Fiber and BLOOMTM Foam. The spiritual and earthy vibes of this year’s collection is inspired by the wonders of the earth.

“The inspiration focuses around our well-being, the 7 chakras and about appreciating the fantastic wonders around us, in nature, art and medicinal plants, while at its healing powers; both physical and emotional, that connects people to nature. the same time also embracing technology and innovation in the development of more sustainable materials and processes.”









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Shot by Jared Donkin

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