One treatment that I’m seeing real results with!

I have always struggled to pull off the natural make up look as I have developed sun spots over the years which I try to cover up. They have taken my natural freckles which I love, but they all end up being painted over. I have noticed it the most around my cheeks where my sunglasses end. Having explored my options and tried various serums and product I needed something stronger so started looking into laser treatment.

I popped into The Cosmetic Clinic to talk to the team and to my surprise I learned that most of the spots on my face were sun damage from days gone by. The spots that were visible had been pushed up to the surface over the years. I had no idea! So sun damage that I am still prone to today would eventually appear on my face years down the track – meaning I need to stay out of the sun!!!

So I began their Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment a few months ago and after four sessions have noticed a considerable difference. This treatment targets acne scarring, age spots and freckles/sun spots and is effective for an overall even-toned skin. As you can see from my photos below, there was a dark patch of spots along my sunglass line and these have almost disappeared. I am thrilled with the real results so far.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • No it doesn’t really hurt. It feels like a tiny hot splatter but nothing compared to laser hair removal!
  • It takes less than 10 mins for a full face
  • Your face will be hot and red afterwards so I suggest going after work so you can go straight home to bed
  • Yes you can wear make up the next day!
  • Over approx.. 7 days the pigments become really dark and then flake off, nothing drastic or gross
  • Perfect for those who have spent too much time in the sun, you will see great results

Treatments range from $59 for the nose area to $262 for full face, neck and décolletage per session. I have had 4 sessions but will continue to go twice a year. The Cosmetic Clinic

Before and after my first session. The redness only lasts the night and I was back to normal the next day.

Before my first session and after my 4th session

This is not a paid piece, I paid for all of my services and was given a discount to write my review of the treatment if I saw real results and wanted to create a honest review on my blog.

For more on their services The Cosmetic Clinic

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