The Must Have Accessory of 2018

I’ve heard a few rumours about iPhone batteries – for example, when you update iOS it can reduce your battery life, or that Apple design the batteries to have a short life, encouraging iPhone loyalists to keep up with the new versions. But to be honest my short battery life is likely to be due to excessive use of Instagramming and capturing all my little moments.

The fuse in my car charger is broken and I am often maximising every opporuntity to charge up while on the go. Now I throw my iPhone into my handbag and keep it charged on my pink marbled lipstick charger from Richmond and Finch.

The established Swedish fashion brand have recently launched their SS8 collection, painted with peonies, butterflies, floral jungles and paisley flowers, Made for the perfect flay lay, they are as functional as they are fashionable with 360 Drop Protection.

After years of protecting my cases, I am officially working with Richmond and Finch to offer 20% off your purchase using Holly20.

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