How To Leave A Lasting Impression

I was recently introduced to Shiseido’s new Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette. As a devoted collector of fragrances, including aromatic candles, I don’t fall short of words to explain the power of a fragrance. I have heard that scent is the strongest tie to memory and this thought intrigues me.


It got me thinking about all the people we meet over the course of a lifetime, all the connections we make with thousands of people every year, what is it that makes only a portion of these people memorable? So, to help launch Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette I’m going to share my thoughts on impressions and my experience with leaving a memorable one…

Life is about being receptive to those around us, being open to new people and extending our familiar circle into the unfamiliar. That’s what we do. My circle continues to grow as I become more consciously aware of the good in others, learning to absorb their qualities and shape them into my own.

I think about those who have left an impression on me. The local barista who greets me, with a friendly smile in the morning, silently encouraging me to exude a friendly vibe for the rest of the day. Or, a  work colleague who inspired me, just by watching the way she uses her charismatic confidence to get things done. I like the way these impressions influence how I develop my character.

Here are a few ways in which impressions were left on me, some of the things I actively try to weave into my character:

Eye contact. I sparked a conversation with someone at an event recently. They invested in the connection by not taking notice of any other activity or people around us, rather they were completely attentive and held eye contact throughout the chat. I realised how important this is and maybe how forgotten it can be, especially at busy events.

Listen. I love to listen to interesting descriptions or episodes told from someone’s life story. I have a few experiences that have sparked some interesting conversations like living in Japan, managing a snowboard team or that my mum lives in Singapore. I’ve met people with personal ties to Singapore; and loved sharing experiences and local insider tips like the best cocktail bars or vintage stores. I’m hoping one day we will be there at the same time to enjoy these things together.

Wear something different. People who wear a bold print or a statement heel are usually granted a place in my memory. It can be as small as a piece of jewelry, a stacking of interesting rings or how you tie a neck scarf that can communicate a creative or a confident side of your personality.

Choose your words wisely. Pleases and thank you’s! Over use them if you have to. I also try to acknowledge a person as if they were already my friend. I often hug people on the first meeting, sometimes even an air kiss to each check. This is completely by personal preference, but for me I think it can show an approachable, warm side to someone’s personality.

Smile. It’s contagious, attractive and warming.

As they say, scent is the strongest tie to the memory, so once you have made a memorable impression, set it with a scent that represents your unique story, your qualities, experiences and gestures. I’ve always chosen light natural fragrances. The Ever Bloom Eau de Toilette is light, warm, welcoming and fresh. It’s gorgeous to wear and captures the essence of my personality; it compliments me and acts as a silent introduction to who I am.






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