How to Style a Spring Dress

I’ve been glued to my Instagram feed over the past few months watching the fashion weeks of the world roll out, and the fashion icons roll in. I’m constantly in awe, watching these women explore and proudly celebrate their creations. Instagram has definitely become an exhibition of style that was otherwise seen on the streets of places I only dreamed of exploring.


One’s style is captured in a mix of colour, texture or patterns. It’s the number of buttons done up on a shirt or the way a dress is tied. It’s the broach pinned in the corner of a shirt or the sunflower yellow vintage earrings that match the pop of yellow in the shoe. Each decision made is a piece of our own style puzzle that we lay out and plan everyday. This is what intrigues me about the world of fashion, there are millions of puzzle pieces, yet they don’t necessarily need to ‘fit’.

As I stood in the foyer of the Farmers store on Queen St, I watched all the different types of people walk through it’s door and loved how we are all so happily different in our interpretation of style. It doesn’t matter that our garment choices might be similar, it’s the way we interpret each piece of clothing once we put it on that contributes to the world of fashion.

As glimpses of summer start to appear, our wardrobes start to get shorter, lighter and colourful. I partnered with Farmers last week to share my interpretation of style, featuring some of the dresses from their Spring/Summer 17 Collection.

How I style the Spring Dress:

  1. Incorporate a belt. It breaks up the outfit, adds colour and can adjust the length of the dress to match your own preference or occasion. Without belt loops, I fold the end of the belt up and under, acting as its own little style feature. I keep the front of the dress longer and the sides shorter, bunching up the dress at the front for a fuller effect.
  2. Blazers. Blazers are my “work week” to “weekend” staple.. I have a mix of both longer and shorter styles, however when matching with a dress I go for the longer, preferably the same length as my dress or a touch longer. Blazers perfectly compliment a summer dress as they allow for the dress to remain the feature of the outfit.
  3. Hand bag. I was once the ‘one hand bag for everything’ woman. Whether it was a night out or a day at work, there would be one bag … for everything. As fashion has become more accessible, affordable and fun, I have collected a range of different sized, colored and textured bags that I use to add colour and detail to an outfit.

Look One : The Whistle Floral Ladder Lace Dress

Holly estelle farmers 1

holly estelle farmers

holly estelle farmers 3

holly estelle farmers 4

Holly estelle farmers

holly estelle farmers 5

Whistle 3/4-Sleeve Floral Ladder Lace Dress $99.99

Boston & Bailey Kurt Ring Crossbody 39.99

Boston & Bailey Phoenix Embossed Belt $29.90

Look Two : The Mineral Deconstructed Chambray Shirt Dress







Mineral Deconstructed Chambray Shirt Dress $99.90

Boston & Bailey Kim Ring Bucket Bag $49.90

Look Three : The ¾ Whistle Sleeve Spot Swing Shirt Dress

holly estelle farmers

holly estelle farmers 5

holly estelle farmers 6

holly estelle farmers 2

holly estelle farmers 3

The Whistle ¾ Sleeve Spot Swing Shirt Dress $79.99

Boston & Bailey Phoenix Embossed Belt $29.90

Boston & Bailey Kurt Ring Crossbody $39.99

This is only my interpretation of spring style, how I chose to place my puzzle pieces together. What’s your favourite piece of spring style? Is it colour, an accessory or a particular style of dress? Share with us below or in the Facebook link and be in to win a $100 Farmers Gift Card to create your own look this Spring. I encourage you to pop into Farmers one afternoon and browse their range, I think you might just be surprised at what you find.

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