How To Make Those Blue Eyes Pop

Just as you would dress for your body shape, your makeup look should be created to compliment the colour of your eyes. I had always gone for a smokey eye with blacks and greys with a few pops of colour. My girlfriend told me I should try a deep golden brown colour as my eyes would then pop-bright against contrasting backdrops. Since I switched up my shades of colour people often comment on how blue my eyes look, more than before! So I sat down and left my eyes in the hands of a professional makeup artist, Alison Brewer, to share a few of my favourite HAN shades guaranteed to make those blue eyes pop!

I chose to take a more natural approach to my skincare years ago and found there isn’t a broad selection of makeup brands in the local market that are natural but, I was recently introduced to HAN skin care. HAN is leading the way with their 100% naturally derived range. Their products are a blend of lush colours and skin care ingredients that promote a healthy complexion. They are products that are good for your body, kind to animals and kind to the environment…. Tick! Their range is versatile, you can use a bronzer as an eyeshadow like we did, or the shimmery eyeshadows as highlighters on the cheekbones.

IMG_1639 (1)

For this look we used:

  •       Bronzer in Maui
  •       Bronzer in Malibu
  •       Eyeshadow in Sunset
  •       Eyeshadow in Chocolate Bronze
  •       Cheek and lip tint in Coral Hibiscus
  •       Natural lip gloss in Nude Rose

HAN is brand new to New Zealand and available from Life and Unichem Pharmacies. With all products ranging from $25 – $30, these are perfect stuffing fillers or even to gift a full kit created specifically for someone’s features.




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