Behind the Feather Brow: What To Expect

Having plucked my naturally bushy brows to smithereens when I was a teenager, I desperately wanted to rebuild them back to my natural shape and fullness. All I knew of the trending feather brow tattoo was that there was a wait list of at least five months, and that it would hurt.


However, I was introduced to Brow Theory through a work colleague whose brows looked naturally flawless, so I explored the service further realising that their waitlist was a matter of weeks and that the pain level was completely tolerable.


I assumed the process was similar to a tattoo, with a horrendous gun, mopping of blood and a terrifying electric noise. What they actually use is a hand held micro blade, just like a pen, which they use to stroke/tattoo the lines into the outer layers of the skin. It’s not as deep as a tattoo, so the pain is definitely manageable. They apply a numbing cream in two rounds. The first round is uncomfortable, similar to kitten scratches and the second pass is more of a pulling feeling.


Shari took me through the consultation and both sessions. What I quickly learnt from her detailed instructions was the importance of the post treatment care to achieve the real results. So here’s what you need to know and what you need to STICK TO!

  1. No alcohol the night before or coffee the day of. This is the major and if you cant resist the temptation, stick with your current brows! Alcohol thins the blood, causing increased bleeding, resulting in less pigmentation retention.
  2. Going make up free for ten days! Well almost. No make up above the eye brows. The product will effect the pigment and healing process. Yes, this meant going to work each day two toned! A tanned bronzed face with a pigmented red blotchy forehead, but I am stickler for the rules.
  3. No getting them wet for at least 10 days. It can and will effect the pigment with the risk of increased scabbing, which no ones wants!
  4. Reapply the After Inked cream 4-5 times daily for at least 7 days and then a couple of times a day over the next few weeks while skin is healing and recovering. I took my cotton buds to work and applied at my desk between meetings. Again, a stickler for the rules! Plus they can get itchy and the cream alleviates this a bit.
  5. Do not touch them. No rubbing, scratching or picking. Just leave them alone for the full 7 – 10 days!


ToriHayley-8631 (1)

Shari and the Brow Theory team take you through the entire process during the consultation, including pre and post care to maintain your new brows. The salon is gorgeous as you can see, scented candles and fluffy blankets with dashes of gold. Shari and I got deep into the chit chat during both sessions talking all things life in our thirties, including on line dating. Shari challenged me to go on a dating site and is the only one to successfully get me on one (which shows how trust worthy the team are ha ha ha). I only lasted three days on it, but I’m looking forward to our catch up over a wine soon. A brow therapist as a new friend, dream!

Here is a little video I took of both my sessions, including before and afters. As you will see, the accuracy and precision to every detail shows the value and quality of the service is worth every cent!


Before and AfterFullSizeRender (54).jpg


The Brow Theory Price List

Brow Feathering Consultation $40

Brow Feathering Per Session $295

Brow Perfecting Session $95

Brow Reconstruction Per Session $345

If you are considering feather brows, give Hayley, Shari or the team a call and have a chat through your options. Mention you read this blog and the babes will give you $50 off your first session.

Flick through their Instagram account to see a range of before and after shots (click the image below):

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.13.15 PM




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