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How To Prep For A More Natural Look This Summer

It’s almost September, so I’ve started preparing my skin to be confident with a natural look this summer, hopefully make up free! During my recent trip to Fiji I regularly applied my sunblock, but with the harsh rays and being in and out of the water I still came back with a bunch of sunspots that now show through my foundation.

I was told by my darling Tori Hayley that Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution works wonders for dark spots, so I’m about a week in with this one!  I’m also using their Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate to accelerate surface skin cell turnover. Once I’ve tackled my uneven tone and sun spots, I’m hoping my skin will be all prepped and ready to glow. But not without regular application of a good sunscreen…

kiehl's, make up free, holly estelle

Who else struggles to find a sunscreen that doesn’t feel oily, leaving your foundation to slip down your face all day!! I’ve been using Kiehl’s 50+ Sunscreen under my make up each morning. Its light and quickly absorbs into the skin, keeping my foundation in place all day.

Incorporating a quality face tan into your skincare regime is an easy way to even out a patchy skin tone. I’ve been using Eco Tan’s Face Tan Water for over a year now and absolutely love it. With a water like texture, it goes on similar to a toner and is anti ageing and anti acne BRILLIANT! I’ve also been introduced to Manuka Doctors’s Age Defying Bronzing Gel. For me, the Face Tan water is perfect for day to day use, maintaining a gradual tan. Whereas the Manuka Doctor Bronzing Gel has a quicker effect, perfect for the night before a day at the beach.

make up free holly estelle

holly estelle, fashion blog


kiehl's, holly estelle, new zealand fashion blog

Holly estelle, fashion blog new zealand

But there are always the days where you just need a little cover!

Summer is the season to embrace your natural glow, but if you need a little more cover try using a natural based foundation. I’ve used the Nude by Nature primer, pressed powder and illuminator for years but this month I’ve been using their new Flawless Liquid Foundation and Concealer. Enriched with antioxidants from the Lily Pilly Plant (how cute is that name) it provides long lasting natural coverage with a light, soft finish.

Tip: invest in a few different shades to ensure you apply the best match to your skin depending on your tan. As they say, Thursday is the day you go from a 2 to a 10 and that is certainly is the case for me! Having a few shades on the go allows me to mix and match depending on the stage of my tan.

holly estelle fashion blog new zealand

holly estelle, new zealand fashion blog

Holly Estelle NZ Fashion Blog

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H&M – The Queen of Collaborators

It’s not a secret that I love H&M. It’s also not a secret that I love to collaborate. Looking back over the years H&M have established themselves as a global, diverse and powerful collaborator, bringing a high end flare to seasonable, affordable fashion. With some big names up their sleeves such as Karl Largerfeld, Lanvin, Versace and superstars like David Beckham and Beyonce, I’m excited to see them continue to bridge the gap between two different worlds of fashion.

Of all the pieces I have gratefully shot with H&M, this outfit felt as though it were made for me. A part of their Studio AW17 collection, it celebrates the feminine silhouette and embraces a powerful yet charming vibe. It’s me.

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

h-m-collaborations-versace-1200x688 2

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

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H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

h-m-collaborations-lanvin-1200x688 2

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

H&M Studio AW17 Holly Estelle

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Holly -8134

Studio AW17 collection is available in HM Sylvia Park September 14th.















Taking it back to Basics!

Jaheb and I pulled together some casual looks with Cotton On to celebrate the launch of their Essentials Collection. Styling it up with the new 574 Sport from New Balance and a few of our favourite frames from Bailey Nelson.


As much as I love bursts of colour, worldly patterns and luxurious textures, there’s a time and place for a plain tee and a pair of jeans. THE sexy staple for both girls and guys, it’s been rocking its way through the decades in different forms of style and trend.

When styling a tee, there are a few things to think about:

  • Don’t be afraid to go up a few sizes or even go with a mens small or medium. There’s more to work with and easier to style. Go up at least 2 sizes
  • When tucking it in, pull all of the shirt to the front to tuck in, rather than evenly tucking.
  • Roll those sleeves … at least three times.
  • Accessorise! Perfect opportunity to pair with a statement frame, shoes or bold jewellery.

The Essentials Collection is Cotton On’s answer to year-round wardrobe necessities. Take a peek over on their site full of classic tees, casual pullovers, comfy trackies and signature Cotton On denim.

Cotton On Holly Estelle Womans Fashion

Cotton On Holly Estelle Womens Fashion



We paired each outfit with the newest member to the 547 collection from New Balance. A clean white sneaker pops against a faded black jean and tying back to the white tee. The contemporary deign is complimented with a comfortable and flexible fit. I’m excited to see what else New Balance has up its sleeve as they continue to be at the forefront of stylistic design in the world of sneakers!


New Balance Holly Estelle Womens Fashion

New Balance Holly Estelle Womens Fashion

New Balance Holly Estelle Womens Fashion


New Balance Holly Estelle Womens Fashion

The walls in Bailey Nelson are lined with the freshest frames to compliment all face shapes, styles and trends. Having once been an admin expense, needing prescription lenses has now become a fun fashion expense. But when I say expense that does not reflect a higher price tag! With frames as low is $155, its affordable to play around with a few pairs to work into different looks. Check out their newly opened store on High Street or pop in before your Friday night cocktail on Ponsonby Rd!

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle New Zealand Womens Fashion

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle New Zealand Womens Fashion

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle New Zealand Womens Fashion

Bailey Nelson Holly Estelle New Zealand Womens Fashion

There’s no where else I’d rather be, than in the sun shooting with creative souls like Jaheb and Tori. Jaheb is going from strength to strength with his account on men’s fashion. If you’ve not already, pop over and give this guy a follow! Tori Hayley is the sweetest, most kindhearted little soul AND one heck of a photographer. She can create the most striking shot from backdrops I wouldn’t usually consider shooting in, through the use of shadows, contrasting elements and angles. She has clearly taken inspiration from her time living and shooting in the streets of NYC. And she’s gorgeous.

How to not basic, the basics – tick!