Tried, tested, love. The Best Natural Skincare Products of 2017.

10 months into my natural skincare regime, I can truly see the long term benefits of caring for my skin the natural way. The products I started with back in August last year are still in my daily or weekly routine such as Inika, Trilogy, Eco Tan and Skinfood. However, I have lovingly introduced a few additional products that compliment the existing ones perfectly. Here’s a round up of the products that are helping me combat ageing and build a natural and healthy glow:


Trilogy Rosehip Oil: The purity of this product is felt in the first drop. With the power to help with pigmentation, fight fine lines, promote elasticity and boost hydration, I use this each night before I go to bed. I also massage the left overs into my cuticles to help stop them from tearing.

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The Beauty Elixir:  whipped me up a blend of Rosehip, Tamanu, Hemp and Raspberry Seed oil specifically for my skin. The main concern with my skin is the pigmentation, so I double dose on the Rosehip. I put my Beauty Elixir oil on as soon as I get home from work to allow my skin to absorb it over a few hours. The Hemp helps to balance my skins oil, the Raspberry seed is a super antioxidant and the Tamanu is “liquid gold” as Romy says. The best bit is that it was made specifically for me! More on Romy and her healing powers to come.

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Inika: A leader in natural beauty, their organic natural products have simplified my make up routine and the size of my make up bag! I use their foundation, eye shadow duo, eye liners and bronzer, thats basically it for my weekday make up!


Eco Tan: I am as white as the sand at my beach house! However, no one would know exactly how white I really am as I am self confessed self tan addict. Eco Tan’s Face Tan Water has been life changing. It’s not only a natural anti ageing water that both tans and tones, but it has evened out my complexion and reduced those annoying monthly acne spots!


Savar: Oh these ladies have produced the most exquisite range of products using ingredients native to New Zealand. Their face wash is and has been my number one for most of my natural skincare journey. It foams beautifully with a luxurious texture and consistency…winner! Im currently bathing in their instant boost toner too.


Adashiko: I use their Noni Gel each morning after washing my face with water, then double up with two scoops off their 100% Pure Peptide Collagen Powder in my coffee while I wait for the gel to dry.  The benefits of these products are endless so I urge you to read some of their many testimonials online. I personally use them for their anti ageing properties and to strengthen my hair and nails.

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Raw Complexions: We tend to focus on the products we put on our skin and forget how easy it is to consume the nutrients needed to support a healthy, beautiful complexion from the inside out. Raw Complexions have created two powerful products, the Skintox and the Skin Balance.  A mix of superfoods, ancient herbs, alkalising greens and antioxidants that assist the skin to detox, cleanse and rejuvenate from within.

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Girl Undiscovered: ‘100% Wild, honest and heartfelt, liberated and fearless’ this brand defines me. The crystal cleansing water removes any make up and dirt I may have missed during a wash while enriching my skin with Thanaka 8 Extract, wild island kanuka honey and Balinese virgin coconut oil to prep and balance my skin. An honest and powerful ethos behind an honest and powerful brand and product. The love, passion and detail that goes into the packaging and presentation of their products, beautifully compliments the products themselves.


The Boho Co: Caught my eye as they “sprinkled their good vibes” all over Instagram. Their body polishes do just that, polish the body leaving it silky and hydrated and smelling deliciously edible! Swap out the exfoliating glove for a tub of this body loving goodness. I am also burning their Vanilla Spice coconut wax candle for a dreamy winters night vibe.


Skinfood: You will be sold with the first sniff of these products! Their moisturisers are on my desk at work and help hydrate my skin in the air con. We always ohh and ahh over how good we smell each day after applying. The texture of the walnut shell in their exfoliating scrub makes it easy to evenly and consistently exfoliate my face.


Koko Body: An activated charcoal and pumice exfoliator which detoxifies the face, drawing out impurities. A Sunday morning ritual for me, I leave it on my skin for 10 mins before splashing off with water and feeling the hydration of the organic coconut oil sink in.


Magnifibres: Last but DEFINITELY not least is my new found obsession, the Magnifibres Lashes. I removed my eyelash extensions after 5 years to embrace a natural appearance. Now I apply a layer of mascara, coat with Magnifibres and finish with another layer of mascara to build a natural fuller longer look.


All of the beautiful colours, prints and jewellery featured in these pics are from my darling girlfriends shop Marigold Lane Shop. 


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