Here’s to the ones who dream …

It takes more than a delightful story line or a gushing love affair for a film to make its way into my ‘excessively watched’ list. To join the likes of Hello Dolly and My Fair Lady, it needs to whisk me away from my own reality and feed my imagination with an elegance, wonder and romance not common in my era. I need to unknowingly find myself within a dream world.

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La La Land, the latest film that had critics desperate to review, was anticipated to do just that. The title is commonly defined as a state of mind synonymous with Hollywood, that is out of touch with reality, focusing on dreams, fantasies or frivolous endeavors.

I was immediately curious as to what story the film would tell, as this definition confused me. A dream or fantasy is something desired, an aspiration or ambition, yet the term frivolous alludes to someone who is carefree, without purpose or value. Surely if you achieve something you passionately desire as a result of your ambition and aspiration, this would be the opposite of carefree without purpose?

But the movie beautifully redefined the term La La Land. It followed the passionate love affair between not only the two lead characters but the relationship they had with their individual careers and aspirations. It explored a topic becoming more evident in today’s society – the juxtaposition of career and love. It was the story of their highs and lows as they struggled to remain loyal to their career aspirations while balancing the love they had unexpectedly formed for each other.

I won’t spoil the ending … but the film reminds us of the importance of being committed to your own happiness; to cement a happiness that is achieved from following your aspirations, ambitions and goals. Because when we are truly happy within ourselves, our ability to love others is deeper, stronger and wiser.

La La Land is not just for the hopeless romantics or musical addicts, it talks to us all – because we all dream … and we all love.

I found and fell in love with my career for the first time a few years ago. The same time I was coming out of my latest relationship. I hadn’t experienced such immense passion for an industry or talent before, but it was something that I happily devoted every spare minute to, so I knew this love was different. Caught at my own crossroad, I followed my intuition and happiness. I turned left and embarked on a journey that has opened up many opportunities and experiences I had only “dreamed of”.

So in honour of redefining the phrase La La Land, I recreated my favourite scenes from the movie alongside my Ryan Gosling/bloggin’ buddy Jaheb Barnett. La La Land is now available exclusively to SKY customers through SKY Box Office. It can be booked online, over the phone or even by text message, making watching movies snuggled up at home even easier!






Here’s to the ones who dream …


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