9 Things I Do and Don’t Miss from the 90s

As I walked past the windows of Calvin Klein on High Street a few weeks ago I was taken back to a time where giant coke bottles were 50c and my only form of exercise was with my highlighter pink Skip-It. Looking up at the mannequins dressed in double denim with bursts of the iconic CK logo, it was clear that the 90s era was back. Their outfits reminded me of the CK Jeans ad with Kate Moss that was tacked to my inspiration wall as a teen. Who would have thought that I would be trying on the same pieces I was trying on 20 years ago!



So with the 90s making its way back into the wardrobes of 2017, it got me reminiscing about some things I do and don’t miss from this rebel era.

9 Things I Do Miss:

  • TV shows like Blind Date, Temptation Island and Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game.
  • Lying in bed listening to Love Songs Till Midnight with Gael on The Breeze.
  • Big Fresh and their happy vegetables swinging from the roof.
  • Paper recycling kits … was that just me?
  • ‘As If’.
  • Falling asleep to the sound of my parents watching Country Calendar downstairs.
  • Watching Absolutely Fabulous and Sex and the City episodes each week for the first time. Now the repeats are up to at least 20.
  • Writing letters updating my international pen pals on all the teenage goss in New Zealand. The feeling of receiving a thick letter with stickers and doodles all over the front, doesn’t come with a Facebook notification.
  • Telling ghost stories! I wonder how many different versions there ended up being? It was a bit like Chinese Whispers as the stories were never written down, only retold from one friend to another. I wonder if they are still going now, and if so what they have become!

9 Things I Don’t Miss:

  • Trying to record songs off the radio onto a mix tape and never managing to capture the full song start to finish.
  • Jellys with heels. How did this even happen?
  • Having to log off the internet so my brother could use the phone. Or trying to call my best friend with the 30mins of ‘phone time’ I had, but getting nothing more than her engaged tone as someone was on her internet!
  • Skinny eyebrows. If I was a teen in the 80s I’d still have the bushy brows I was born with, but I was a teen in the 90s and in true Drew Barrymore fashion I plucked them all out. Here I am 20 years later waiting to get them tattooed back on!
  • Body glitter … enough said.
  • 90s commercials like ‘Chicken Tonight’.
  • Boys hair styles like the shaved head with the long fringe or shaved head and the rats tail.
  • Mini skirts over pants.
  • I never understood this one, but why on earth were kids at high school rushing home to watch the Teletubbies?

I spent an afternoon with Jaheb Barnett, reminiscing on the 90s in our timeless Calvin Klein looks. If you haven’t already, pop into Calvin Klein on High St in Auckland and be prepared to walk out with bags full of double denim memories.









I’m off to stream Season One of Sex and the City … in my Calvins.

Photos by the lovely Sophie Miya-Smith




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