Month: May 2017

BeYOUtiful : For all the smaller busted babes!

BeYOUtiful women exude their attractiveness from within. It’s a confidence and belief in their own unique beauty that sees them proudly ‘wear’ and celebrate their physical features with poise. They have positioned themselves as trailblazers in the world of true beauty, styling their exterior to inspire an authentic sense of beauty to those around them.

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Marilyn Monroe once accentuated a faint mole she had on her cheek, wearing it with elegance and sophistication. It is now the iconic ‘beauty spot’ copied by women around the world. Prescription glasses have always been a catalyst for teenage bullying, making them something to hide or be ashamed of. Now the world’s fresh-faced supermodels are fiercely sporting them down the runway, without prescription.

As beautiful as Marilyn’s smile and buxom curves were, two of the most beautiful women I know are two of my dearest friends. They exude a sense of confidence and attractiveness that is infectious. It’s hard not to feel confident and beautiful in their presence and over the last few years they have unknowingly inspired me to celebrate something I always covered up – my small chest.

Both are small chested, but style their feature in a way that would make any woman envious. Striking low cut slip dresses perfectly detailed with dangling necklaces and oversized cardigans worn off the shoulder, highlighting their detailed bralettes and extenuating their shoulders. Like Marilyn, they ‘own’ their features with poise. This is what we should define as beauty.

As I made the transition away from padded bras, I gave my lingerie drawer a spruce up, adding a few gorgeous bralettes and comfortable sports bras for the lazy weekends. So when Farmers asked me to experience their bra fitting service in the lead up to lingerie week, the timing was ideal. Going through my lingerie I realised how many different sizes I had accumulated over the years. I’m not sure if I had just bought what was in the bargain bin or if it was due to my size fluctuating…

I hadn’t had a bra fitting before. I booked my fitting in at Farmers in Newmarket with a woman called Marion. Stripping down in front of a complete stranger is not the most relaxing experience, however the name ‘Marion’ had a sense of ease and security to it. Well, she sure did live up to her name! Proudly showing me through the lingerie she had perfectly merchandised earlier –  Marion was that motherly figure you instantly felt safe with.

Chattering away, she was quick to grasp a sense of my style and what I was looking for. Twenty minutes later we were in the changing room piled up with exquisite lacey bralettes and a few different sports bras. I walked away with two new bras that fit me perfectly and a few tips from the lovely Marion:

  • Adjust the shoulder straps first, and then when hooking the bra around your torso, start with the loosest hook.
  • Lean forward; if the bra comes away from the chest drop down a down cup size back
  • If you want to go up a size in your torso, drop a cup size back e.g. if you are going from a 10c to a 12c drop to a 12b otherwise the cup goes bigger and bigger
Photo: Carmen Huter 
HollybyCarmenHuter-18Photo: Carmen Huter 
FullSizeRender (7)
Photo: Carmen Huter 

The colour of my new Elle Macpherson Bralette is so striking, it made my eyes pop and I knew it would look gorgeous under a crisp white shirt and it did!

FullSizeRender (5)
Photo: Carmen Huter 
FullSizeRender (6)
Photo: Carmen Huter 
HollybyCarmenHuter-34Photo: Carmen Huter 

I don’t work out often (slash ever) I’m too busy working and blogging for that! So a functional sports bra isn’t at the top of my list, but I do need a relaxed casual bra for the weekends or for my walks along the beach. I chose the new Bonds bra and matching underwear. I can honestly say the most comfortable underwear I own.

Photo: Carmen Huter 
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 8.29.24 amPhoto: Sophie Miyas
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 8.42.31 amPhoto: Sophie Miyas

Marion is expecting me back next week, as I couldn’t decide amongst the huge pile of stunning bralettes available. It would be rude to have a shoe addiction like I do, without the support of equally gorgeous lingerie collection right?

Whether you have had a bra fitting before or not, your body is ever changing, so pop in-store to check that you are correctly fitted and investing your money into the right bra that will celebrate your assets beautifully. Make sure you call in advance to pre book yourself a fitting time so they can ensure one of their lovely fitters will be around to help out.

During Lingerie Week (22nd – 28th may) Farmers are giving away a $1000 Farmers Gift Card. Simply get fitted in store by one of their trained consultants, make a lingerie purchase and swipe your Farmers Club Card between 22nd May and 19th June and you’ll automatically go in the draw.

Happy fitting!


Here’s to the ones who dream …

It takes more than a delightful story line or a gushing love affair for a film to make its way into my ‘excessively watched’ list. To join the likes of Hello Dolly and My Fair Lady, it needs to whisk me away from my own reality and feed my imagination with an elegance, wonder and romance not common in my era. I need to unknowingly find myself within a dream world.

DSC_3530 (1)

La La Land, the latest film that had critics desperate to review, was anticipated to do just that. The title is commonly defined as a state of mind synonymous with Hollywood, that is out of touch with reality, focusing on dreams, fantasies or frivolous endeavors.

I was immediately curious as to what story the film would tell, as this definition confused me. A dream or fantasy is something desired, an aspiration or ambition, yet the term frivolous alludes to someone who is carefree, without purpose or value. Surely if you achieve something you passionately desire as a result of your ambition and aspiration, this would be the opposite of carefree without purpose?

But the movie beautifully redefined the term La La Land. It followed the passionate love affair between not only the two lead characters but the relationship they had with their individual careers and aspirations. It explored a topic becoming more evident in today’s society – the juxtaposition of career and love. It was the story of their highs and lows as they struggled to remain loyal to their career aspirations while balancing the love they had unexpectedly formed for each other.

I won’t spoil the ending … but the film reminds us of the importance of being committed to your own happiness; to cement a happiness that is achieved from following your aspirations, ambitions and goals. Because when we are truly happy within ourselves, our ability to love others is deeper, stronger and wiser.

La La Land is not just for the hopeless romantics or musical addicts, it talks to us all – because we all dream … and we all love.

I found and fell in love with my career for the first time a few years ago. The same time I was coming out of my latest relationship. I hadn’t experienced such immense passion for an industry or talent before, but it was something that I happily devoted every spare minute to, so I knew this love was different. Caught at my own crossroad, I followed my intuition and happiness. I turned left and embarked on a journey that has opened up many opportunities and experiences I had only “dreamed of”.

So in honour of redefining the phrase La La Land, I recreated my favourite scenes from the movie alongside my Ryan Gosling/bloggin’ buddy Jaheb Barnett. La La Land is now available exclusively to SKY customers through SKY Box Office. It can be booked online, over the phone or even by text message, making watching movies snuggled up at home even easier!






Here’s to the ones who dream …


9 Things I Do and Don’t Miss from the 90s

As I walked past the windows of Calvin Klein on High Street a few weeks ago I was taken back to a time where giant coke bottles were 50c and my only form of exercise was with my highlighter pink Skip-It. Looking up at the mannequins dressed in double denim with bursts of the iconic CK logo, it was clear that the 90s era was back. Their outfits reminded me of the CK Jeans ad with Kate Moss that was tacked to my inspiration wall as a teen. Who would have thought that I would be trying on the same pieces I was trying on 20 years ago!



So with the 90s making its way back into the wardrobes of 2017, it got me reminiscing about some things I do and don’t miss from this rebel era.

9 Things I Do Miss:

  • TV shows like Blind Date, Temptation Island and Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game.
  • Lying in bed listening to Love Songs Till Midnight with Gael on The Breeze.
  • Big Fresh and their happy vegetables swinging from the roof.
  • Paper recycling kits … was that just me?
  • ‘As If’.
  • Falling asleep to the sound of my parents watching Country Calendar downstairs.
  • Watching Absolutely Fabulous and Sex and the City episodes each week for the first time. Now the repeats are up to at least 20.
  • Writing letters updating my international pen pals on all the teenage goss in New Zealand. The feeling of receiving a thick letter with stickers and doodles all over the front, doesn’t come with a Facebook notification.
  • Telling ghost stories! I wonder how many different versions there ended up being? It was a bit like Chinese Whispers as the stories were never written down, only retold from one friend to another. I wonder if they are still going now, and if so what they have become!

9 Things I Don’t Miss:

  • Trying to record songs off the radio onto a mix tape and never managing to capture the full song start to finish.
  • Jellys with heels. How did this even happen?
  • Having to log off the internet so my brother could use the phone. Or trying to call my best friend with the 30mins of ‘phone time’ I had, but getting nothing more than her engaged tone as someone was on her internet!
  • Skinny eyebrows. If I was a teen in the 80s I’d still have the bushy brows I was born with, but I was a teen in the 90s and in true Drew Barrymore fashion I plucked them all out. Here I am 20 years later waiting to get them tattooed back on!
  • Body glitter … enough said.
  • 90s commercials like ‘Chicken Tonight’.
  • Boys hair styles like the shaved head with the long fringe or shaved head and the rats tail.
  • Mini skirts over pants.
  • I never understood this one, but why on earth were kids at high school rushing home to watch the Teletubbies?

I spent an afternoon with Jaheb Barnett, reminiscing on the 90s in our timeless Calvin Klein looks. If you haven’t already, pop into Calvin Klein on High St in Auckland and be prepared to walk out with bags full of double denim memories.









I’m off to stream Season One of Sex and the City … in my Calvins.

Photos by the lovely Sophie Miya-Smith