Collab: H&M spread with Jaheb Barnett

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life” – Amy Poehler

Holly + JB -4

I have a few life mottos that I reference regularly; some are my own, some are the wise words of others but right now Amy Poehler’s view on collaboration is front and center. I have never shied away from meeting new people, making new friends or being a part of a team. Although I love to write and share stories and inspiration through my blog, it is the people I meet within the community that fuels my passion.

I can spend up to 10 hours creating a blog post which might sound crazy to some, but the people, opportunities and collaborations that come from it are worth every minute. A few weeks ago, I noticed a new follower join my Instagram, Jaheb Barnett. After flicking through his feed, his passion for creativity and the quality of his content immediately sparked my interest. We had a similar style and I was curious to hear more about his direction. A week later we met up and all the ideas I had bottled up were being thrown around the table, as were his. He was someone that challenged me creatively and inspired me to improve on the areas I wasn’t strong in. I had skills and experience in areas that he wasn’t strong in, so together we began collaborating.

The blogging world is an endless pit of potential collaborations; not only with bloggers but designers, photographers, brands … collaboration opportunities are endless.

We teamed up with the team H&M and the remarkably talented Carmen Huter to create our first collaboration for the year.


Holly + JB -2

Holly + JB -5

Holly + JB -6

Holly + JB -1

Holly + JB -11

Holly + JB -8

Holly + JB -14Dress in store June & jacket in store April
Holly + JB -24Jeans in store May & sweatshirt in store July

Holly + JB -16

Holly + JB -17

Holly + JB -18

2017-03-22 18.07.51.arw

Holly + JB -20T-shirt in store June
Holly + JB -21Top in store now

H&M has opened up the world of accessible fashion in New Zealand. They have always been a go to for classic staples but their quirky statement pieces and use of contrasting colour and textures has competitively positioned them in the world of New Zealand fashion. I could easily spend hours browsing in-store on a Sunday afternoon but if you are not from Auckland then jump online and keep a eye out for these styles launching soon.

If you don’t already follow Carmen, then flick over to her Instagram feed and be prepared to be inspired by the beauty of not only New Zealand, but the world through her eyes. Her use of colour and the way she captures the unique beauty of any setting, is admired by over 50,000 followers. I fell in love with her creativity, her passion, her energy and her little red scooter.




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