Month: April 2017

Exploring one of the most luxurious, Instagramable resorts in the pacific: the new Marriott Momi Bay

New Zealand, a country that surrounds us with pure beauty, raw nature and breathtaking landscapes, attracts thousands of eager tourists every year. Its beauty is seen out of the zip up doors of a tent or out the back windows of a two person camper van. It is simply breath taking, on that we can all agree (check out Carmen Huter – she captures this perfectly). But when it comes to luxurious beach resorts, we often scroll through our Instagram feeds, following our favourite travel bloggers, miles away, who skip across the likes of Europe or Dubai sharing a different kind of beauty, the luxurious kind.

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Well, I am about to share a little secret … I discovered one of the world’s most luxurious, Instagramable resorts and it is only a 2-3 hour flight from New Zealand. A tropical, Mediterranean inspired paradise has nestled itself into the west coast of Viti Levu, Fiji; the new Marriott Momi Bay Resort, offering Fiji’s first ‘Over Water’ Villa experience, Bure Villas that step onto the lagoon beach or Deluxe Rooms over looking the crystal blue pool.

Spiked your interest? Well add this to your bucket list if you seek:

Seclusion and serenity: 45mins from Nadi airport, you escape the hustle and bustle of Denarau, and instead become lost in the beautiful Marriott Momi Bay Resort, exploring the little walk ways, crystal blue pools, amazing restaurants and stretches of sandy beaches.

A striking sunset: Relax in one of the loungers at Fish Bar, with your feet in sand and a cocktail in hand. Watch the stunning blood orange sun set into the South Pacific Ocean. Everyone goes silent, taking in the sun’s passing beauty. It’s a goose bump moment.

An affordable yet world class experience: For most, an Over Water Villa experience sits on your ‘If I won lotto’ wish list. Take a look at the deals offered on their website – you will be surprised how reasonable they are! I stayed in the Duplex Lagoon Front Bure which stepped right onto the beach. It was bliss! Even if you stay in the deluxe rooms, the hotel facilities, views and services will wrap you in luxury.

A ‘child free’ holiday: The adults only infinity pool is conveniently positioned next to Fish Bar. I devoured the decadent scallops, grilled eggplant and perfectly salted margarita. Set yourself up in one of the cabanas for the day or lie poolside with your feet dangling in the water.

A family holiday: Drop the kids off at the kid’s club to make some friends and learn a bit about Fijian culture, or play volleyball or giant chess with the whole family by the family pool.

Genuine, friendly service: The service is 5 star. From stepping out of the taxi to loading your suitcases as you say good-bye. Smiling, friendly faces are everywhere. Not driven by tips, not because they have to, but because they want to. That Fijian smile is for real.

Although we share the same ocean, time zone and a love of seafood, the contrasting climates between New Zealand and Fiji set us far apart. With a few cold months ahead of us, take a weekend escape to the warmer waters, balmy nights and Fijian smiles at The Marriott Momi Bay Resort.

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle


Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle
Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle

Marriott Momi Bay Resort Review - Holly Estelle


A huge thank you to Rob from Kama Catch Me who chose to explore the resort with me (in high heat) to capture its beauty through our eyes. Their Instagram tells their unique ‘off the beaten path’ photography story beautifully. If you are looking to capture an occasion or experience through a creative lens, words simply cannot describe their talent so I have shared a few of my favourites below:

Kama Catch Me - Fiji Photography

Kama Catch Me - Fiji Photography

Kama Catch Me - Fiji Photography

I’ll be back next year so I hope to see you all poolside!




How to Craft a Striking Style

Other than the French influence in our names, the brand essence of Givenchy’s new Dahlia Divin Le Nectar reflects my style inspiration, luxurious sophistication without the expensive price tag. I grew up on the floor of my mother’s wardrobe, admiring her perfectly displayed collection of striking textures, tailored silk shirts, velvet blazers and delicate scarves. Her wardrobe was the epitome of sophisticated luxury. Yet you would never see an exuberant price tag hanging down off an item she had bought a year ago and hadn’t yet worn. She had an eye for luxurious yet affordable style, turning heads and attracting compliments wherever she went.

FullSizeRender (26)

As I grew older, I began crafting my own style, using what my mother had taught me as my base and allowing my lifestyle and experiences to add my unique interpretation on fashion. Personal style is a portrait of someone’s experiences, whether it be travel, people you have met or a reflection of your direction, aspirations and goals. No two people have the same experiences or inspirations, so no two styles will be the same.

With 32 years of life experience behind me, inspired by the countries travelled, the individual styles of those I’ve met along the way, the fashion risks, fails, and wins, my style will continue to evolve, refine and reflect who I am and who I will become. That’s the true beauty of style.

I admire how fashion and style aren’t reliant on price. I am often asked to share tips on affordable style.  I have three that combine to help guide a sophisticated yet affordable style:

1. Own the staples

With the growing range of affordable retailers in New Zealand, buying a larger selection of basics is much easier. Here are the basics that fill out my wardrobe:

  • Jeans: boyfriend and fitted cuts, dark and light coloured including white and black. Jeans have drastically come down in price; my favourite store sells all the latest looks for as low as $49 allowing me to play around with trends that may only last a few months.
  • T-shirts and singlets: again a range of loose and tight fitting. I tend to stick to the neutral colours, white, blush, tan, grey and black.
  • Simple jumpers and cardigans: non-branded, again neutral colours.

2. Collect timeless pieces

This is where my personality shines. Whether it be a pair of sunglasses, a statement jacket, unusual eye catching accessories or a signature perfume – it’s unique pieces that can transform a look and represent your style and mood for the day. I am a classic girl but I invest in quality. My mother bought a brown leather jacket in Paris when she was 23. It was tailor-made and fitted her like a glove. I now own this jacket, 40 years later and it would be the most treasured item in my wardrobe. It’s items like these that I am happy to spend more money on. I often rummage through my mum’s storage and dig up old belts, scarves like the one below that is 25 years old. That is timeless.

3. Use social media

I still favour flicking through the pages of a magazine, folding the edges of looks I love and cutting out my wish list. However, social media has allowed easy and accessible inspiration. Now that I have built a strong wardrobe of basic and feature pieces I find it easy to create looks inspired from Instagram. I don’t like to copy, and like I said, no two people would wear an item the same way. Use Instagram and Pinterest to point you in an unfamiliar direction, to try something new or, on the flip side help you pull an outfit together in a few minutes while running late for work!

As clichéd as it sounds, fashion is fun. It’s a creative outlet for many of us and a way to celebrate femininity and individualism. Fashion has no rules, so let your experiences and creativity reflect and represent who you are. Hubert de Givenchy once said…

“To have style is to have a feeling for what is currently fashionable, and still to simultaneously remain true to oneself”

Givenchy’s new perfume stays true to his words. A symbol of femininity, the Dahlia Divin Le Nectar compliments a woman’s individuality, embodying a sophisticated affordable style.

Here’s a bit of my style. A reflection of some of my travels across Europe, the people I’ve met, a mix of old and new, staples and more expensive timeless pieces.

FullSizeRender (28)Photos: Kamacatchme
FullSizeRender (29)Photos: Kamacatchme
HollyMy favourite statement jacket – Eye of the Biker by Cooper
Photo: Click Cat Click
FullSizeRender (22)Photo: Click Cat Click

FullSizeRender (14)

Holly 31 March - Art Gallery & Clock Tower-2590Photo: Click Cat Click

Integrating the basics with timeless pieces:

Dahlia Divin Le Nectar is available as a 30ml RRP $106, 50ml RRP $140, 75ml RRP $174 from Life Pharmacy

Zara White Shirt, Kookai Neck Scarf, Marigold Lane Necklace and Earrings

Eye of the Biker Jacket – Cooper

H&M Silk Blend Jacket, H&M Silk Blouse, H&M Jacquard-Weave Dress and Clip Earrings from their new Conscious Exclusive Collection

White Zara Jeans, White Zara Knit, Zara Bag

Prada and Stella McCartney Sunglasses from Smith & Caugheys


Thanks to Life Pharmacy for sharing the Dahlia Divin Le Nectar story and making this post happen.

Collab: H&M spread with Jaheb Barnett

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life” – Amy Poehler

Holly + JB -4

I have a few life mottos that I reference regularly; some are my own, some are the wise words of others but right now Amy Poehler’s view on collaboration is front and center. I have never shied away from meeting new people, making new friends or being a part of a team. Although I love to write and share stories and inspiration through my blog, it is the people I meet within the community that fuels my passion.

I can spend up to 10 hours creating a blog post which might sound crazy to some, but the people, opportunities and collaborations that come from it are worth every minute. A few weeks ago, I noticed a new follower join my Instagram, Jaheb Barnett. After flicking through his feed, his passion for creativity and the quality of his content immediately sparked my interest. We had a similar style and I was curious to hear more about his direction. A week later we met up and all the ideas I had bottled up were being thrown around the table, as were his. He was someone that challenged me creatively and inspired me to improve on the areas I wasn’t strong in. I had skills and experience in areas that he wasn’t strong in, so together we began collaborating.

The blogging world is an endless pit of potential collaborations; not only with bloggers but designers, photographers, brands … collaboration opportunities are endless.

We teamed up with the team H&M and the remarkably talented Carmen Huter to create our first collaboration for the year.


Holly + JB -2

Holly + JB -5

Holly + JB -6

Holly + JB -1

Holly + JB -11

Holly + JB -8

Holly + JB -14Dress in store June & jacket in store April
Holly + JB -24Jeans in store May & sweatshirt in store July

Holly + JB -16

Holly + JB -17

Holly + JB -18

2017-03-22 18.07.51.arw

Holly + JB -20T-shirt in store June
Holly + JB -21Top in store now

H&M has opened up the world of accessible fashion in New Zealand. They have always been a go to for classic staples but their quirky statement pieces and use of contrasting colour and textures has competitively positioned them in the world of New Zealand fashion. I could easily spend hours browsing in-store on a Sunday afternoon but if you are not from Auckland then jump online and keep a eye out for these styles launching soon.

If you don’t already follow Carmen, then flick over to her Instagram feed and be prepared to be inspired by the beauty of not only New Zealand, but the world through her eyes. Her use of colour and the way she captures the unique beauty of any setting, is admired by over 50,000 followers. I fell in love with her creativity, her passion, her energy and her little red scooter.