The Woman: Who Is Hazel?

I’ve been low key Insta crushing on the gorgeously hilarious, gumboot wearing, part time farmer, full time shit talker (as she describes herself), Hazel, the alter ego from ‘What Hazel Said’.
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Documenting her daily wins (which earn her a star on her star chart), struggles and rants (like the fact that her local baristas cannot seem to master the art of a simple short black), she enlightens the lives of thousands of followers with a real talk approach to her own reality …. and a bunch of Lamb spam!

Although she lures me in with her daily humor and witty rants, its actually the softer side of her honestly that got me. She wrote a post inspired by a quote that I had also shared, so I was immediately intrigued to hear her take on it. It almost bought a tear to my eye. It was real, honest and written as if it was about me.

Im not going to share too much of this as I urge you to read it for yourself, but here is a few snippets of What Hazel Said:

You can spot the wild ones if you know what to look for.  They’re the ones who laugh too loud and love too hard and swear too much and stay too long.

If she’s in her thirties she’s a bit more relaxed about life, she’s had her heart obliterated more than twice, and knows that no storm lasts forever, but she still drinks too much at parties.

She carries pieces of her past in her pocket. Some so she remembers who she is, some to remind her how far she’s come.  She’s at peace with all the pieces, and if you can’t be – leave her wild.

Her friends are extended family.  Gender, race, sexual orientation and age are irrelevant, because she sees souls instead of smiles.  If it’s not OK that some of these souls are in male bodies – leave her wild.

She has openly pledged to live 2017 as #authentic, with #nofilter and #nofucksgiven. Join her army of followers, who like me, check in everyday, straight after work to see what Hazel Said that day.


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Talk to us about your 20’s…

Oh my stars, take me back.  I look back and I honestly had the best time.  I finished up at Uni in my 20’s, and spent half of the decade on the Gold Coast.  What a place to be.  I had a glamorous job (by Accountant standards), and I got to travel around Australia doing fun stuff with fabulous people.  I hadn’t known grief until just before I turned 28 and it really was a blessed place to be.

I wish I had enjoyed it more and looked around and appreciated how lucky I was, instead of traveling in the fast lane wishing they would increase the speed limit to 120 km/h.  Even when I spent three months traveling the world solo, I was worrying about how I’d explain a three month hiatus on my CV and how I was going to lose the weight before my BFF’s wedding.

Life in your thirties has found you …

My thirties has found me, employed, unemployed and now self employed.  My thirties found me living with my fiance, living with my parents, and now living in beautiful rural NZ with one of my fave humans ever, Julio.  I have had so many “how the fuck did I get here?” moments in the last few years, and now I have so many “how the fuck did I get so lucky?” moments.

How would you sum up your life in your thirties in one sentence …

Even at the ripe old age of 33, I look back at my journey to the now and can announce that I took the road with the bends that make you feel sick and the potholes that make you wish you’d worn a sports bra.  If I were to sum up my thirties (so far) in one sentence, it would be: One hell of a ride.

I love watching your Insta stories you post after a day in the office. Share with us your funniest work story.

I have lots of work stories, and until I started sharing mine on Insta, I didn’t realise that there were so many people struggling with condescending, passive agressive colleagues on a daily basis.

Once upon a time I worked for a circus that traveled across Australia (not really but it felt like a circus and we acted like monkeys), we stayed together in houses while we were on tour and invariably drunk a bit on school nights.  One night, my work bestie and I walked in on two married colleagues…one was in the bed pretending to be asleep, and the other was on the dresser trying to hide behind the TV.

Whats the one characteristic that people love about you, whats one characteristic about you that drive people crazy?

I think the same characteristic about me that some people appreciate, others really do not appreciate – that would be my honesty.  Some people enjoy that I tell it like it is and answer questions with frank honesty, other people cringe when I voice an opinion that differs from something someone read on Facebook once (see below).

What’s an opinion that you have that people don’t like to hear?

There’s a few things that I’m pretty passionate about that make me an unpopular party guest.  I’m passionate about mental health awareness, I’m pro choice and think that women should have options available to them so they can make the best decision for themselves and their future.

I’m passionate about women focusing on being supportive of other women.  There’s a lot of (very valid) media chat about equal rights and men treating women poorly, but (in my experience), if you’re at work and find yourself under a bus, it’s usually a woman who threw you there.

I’ve always been opinionated about farming because my cousins make their living off the land, but since becoming #farmwifelife I’m even more passionate about it.  I’m so proud of the way that Julio’s family business is run that I don’t miss a chance to educate people about the way they do things.

If you were 60 years old what would you tell your 30yr old self? 

I honestly think that 60 year old would have so much to say to 30 year old me.  A few of the things 60 year old me would say…

“Wear the bikini, your bum looks fine and your boobs are great.  Stop wishing that you could be someone who swears less and has a more subtle laugh.  It will work out, don’t worry so much.  And the botulinum toxin was a great idea – good work babes!”

What age do you feel right now? Why?

Right this minute I feel about 45.  After a few wines on a Friday night I feel 22.  The morning after a few wines I feel like a 72 year old wrestler.

If you were popping champagne a year form now celebrating success, what would it be?

A year from now I will definitely be popping bottles – I just can’t tell you why.  Julio and I have some epic shit planned for this year that not even our closest friends know about.  You’ll have to tune in to find out what it is.

Whats something thats true, that no one agrees with you on?

There are so many things I feel to be true that no one agrees with me about, but one of the main things is that the accoustics in my car make me sound (note for note) like Tina, Mariah, Whitney or Celene.  It’s incredible.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

The best advice I’ve got is from a good friend of mine when my engagement ended.  He said, “put it in a box and deal with it later”, and it applies to so many situations.  Every now and then you find yourself in a bit of a bother and you really don’t know how to deal with it, and it does really help to put it to one side and not think about it for a while.  The time will come when you will be able to deal with it and know exactly what to do.

What is something you wish you could stop doing?

Comparing myself to others.  Comparing my body, comparing my business, comparing where I am in life and what I’ve “achieved”.  I think social media has made comparing my life with complete strangers far too easy.

Do you have any goals for this year?

My only goal is to be #authentic.  To be true to myself in real life as well as on social media.  To remember who I am and what is important to me when making decisions for by businesses – I’m gonna keep on keepin’ it real.


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