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I met Laura in my early twenties during my study in Otago. I was drawn to her free spirit, her love for adventure and her ambition to always keep up with the boys! I’ve shared so many wild experiences with her from road trips to Wanaka to exploring the beaches of Indo on the back of a tiny scooter, but these days Laura is perfecting the art of raising a family ‘free range’ style in New Plymouth.


You were known as the gorgeous beach babe of Otago. Loyal as ever to the coastline, roaming free to uncover some of the most raw and picturesque surf spots around the world. Do you ever miss the freedom and adventure?

Haha flattery will get you everywhere Holly! Yes of course I do miss the freedom at times. Life before kids was very much about my own entertainment and adventure but even with kids we have still managed to travel a fair bit and we utilize the great outdoors for our daily adventures.

Our babies have very much been raised ‘free range’ style with an emphasis on getting dirty, climbing trees, swimming in the ocean and rivers. We try and keep the plastic and technology to a minimum.


Have you taken your kids back to any of your discoveries?

The kids have come along from day dot on many camping trips and adventures around NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Discovering and adventuring with kids changes your perspective – it really becomes less about the destination and more about the journey.  



You married relatively young yet had achieved and experienced so much in your twenties. What is one of your most revisited memories of life pre-marriage and what is your most valuable memory of your life so far with Marcus?

Wow that’s a hard one – I have so many incredible travel memories and amazing moments with friends. Travelling through Central America was a phenomenal and I loved doing a season snowboarding in Lake Tahoe.

Marcus and I travelled 2000km on a scooter across Indo with our surfboards and a backpack, which was an awesome experience pre-babies, and cemented a great friendship and love.


What were some of the lessons you learned in your twenties and how did they prepare you for life in you thirties?

I feel like my twenties were very egocentric – my adventures, my travels, my fun, my happiness on my time. Chasing the next mission or getting ready for the next party meant life can be very fast paced but I wasn’t fully appreciating each moment. I think after having kids and also doing the work I do has encouraged me to be more in the moment and be grateful for the small things, which I feel has brought more satisfaction in life overall.

My twenties were more about pushing the brief and learning about consequences. Experience breed’s wisdom and so now I have it by the bucket loads haha.


You are such a beautifully unique person, something that everyone around you always admired. What makes the life you have created in your thirties unique?

I’ve embraced the philosophy that the best things in life are free. The joy of collecting eggs from our chickens, harvesting fruit and vege from the garden, running to the beach for a swim or surf are all things I appreciate at a different level now I’m 30 and maybe also because this is what I wanted life to be like for my kids.

Running my own business has allowed me to remain a full time mum but at the same time work with clients and companies to better their health and happiness.


It’s not secret that the role of a mother is emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting jobs. My other mum friends often talk about how valuable and rare their down time is. Yet you are using this time to continue your studies. What led you to this decision and how do manage this into your lifestyle?

I don’t think anything prepares you for the 24/7 role of motherhood – it’s incredibly rewarding but also the most challenging role I’ve ever played as well. I have chosen and Marcus supported the decision for me to be a full time mum but I felt I still needed a different mental stimulation.

It was not long after we moved back from Australia, Indi was still at the age of sleeps in the day and we were renting an easy care home so I started my Diploma in Nutritional Science. However, within the month Indi stopped sleeping in the day, I found out I was pregnant with Nico and we brought our house with an acre (which needed a fair bit of work).

Funny how life changes in the blink of an eye and believe me there’s been plenty of midnights when I’m wondering whether this was such a great idea haha. Anyway long story short I am stoked I have pursued the study as it’s meant now Indi’s at school and Nico has started Montessori that I can put my passion and experience to good use through my business Revitalize Me.


Ive noticed in my thirties I am more aware of my health, skin, fitness and general well-being. If you could share three tips of advice for us thirty-year-olds, what would they be?

  1. Stop worrying for one – worrying gets you nowhere – make a plan of attack that is achievable and will get you to where you want to be.
  2. Surround yourself in people that bring out the best in you, who support you to achieve your goals and make you smile. People can help you go further, faster or others can drag you down to their level and help you lose. Embrace the former!
  3. Embrace a wholefood diet, drink enough water and move daily in a way you enjoy. This is the easiest recipe for long-term health and well-being


Your goal with Revitalizeme is to help others achieve balance, happiness, optimal health and wellbeing. I have spent the first few years of my thirties really focusing on these areas to better prepare me for whatever adult life can throw my way. What do you think?

It’s a lot easier to get a handle on your health at a younger age. I follow the philosophy that “Prevention is better than cure”. Ultimately, we all know that health is more important than money and material things, so spending time and effort facilitating good daily health practices will ultimately lead to a happier future.

I realize that there is a lot of conflicting nutrition and health advice these days so my aim through launching Revitalize me is to provide clear concise information that is easy to apply to daily life within all budgets. If you have any health concerns or questions you are welcome to contact me through


The heart of this blog series was to share some of the amazingly inspirational lifestyles created by woman in their thirties, and Laura story is just that. I find myself lost in her blog of advice, inspiration and personal recommendations and her platform celebrates and guides her followers on the journey to happiness, health and general wellbeing, beautifully.

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