10 Reasons Why Cat Crazed Ladies Make The Best Girlfriends

1.We know how to share a bed.

Olive likes to spread her body out across the width of the bed and to be honest that’s ok with me, because when she’s happy I get the best cuddles – that’s a small price to pay.


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2.We’re not going to call you baba or booboo, or talk to you in that irritating degrading baby voice; we do that to our cats instead.

I cringe when I hear girls talk to their boyfriends in that annoying baby voice. I hear it all the time and I don’t understand why no one addresses this weird behaviour? We have a cat for that! So we will talk to you like the 35-year-old man you are.


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3.We can deal with s**t.

Yip! We are use to dealing with s**t. But don’t take advantage of us. Olives s**t comes scheduled at around 8pm so if you are going to whinge about stacking the dishwasher correctly, the vegetarian meal I’ve prepared or that you have lost a sock in the wash, then try bundle it all in around 8pm, so we can all move on with the night.


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4.We are tolerant.

Coming in late from a night out with the boys, banging and crashing your way into the house, yup, annoying. But us cat ladies are use to it. Midnight escapades from Olive involve books falling off shelves, meowing endlessly at her mouse toy hoping I will wake up and play with her and even purposely pushing my candles off the coffee table with her little paws. We just roll over and deal with it in the morning, if at all!


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5.We have been ‘Netflix and chilling’ before all ya’ll!

Just without the sexual connotations. We have been perfecting the art of a good night in with a bowl of popcorn, movie and a quality cuddle.


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6. We won’t be too full on too fast

No need for your flatmate to be frustrated at our endless sleepovers, using all the hot water in the mornings and taking up all your ‘guy time’ time. No, no, no, we are more than happy to spend the majority of nights in our own house, with our fur babies. No clingy, needy girlfriend here!


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7. We love a good cuddle.

And we are good at them! Not to mention our massages ….


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8.We are trained to take good care of you

We know the importance of being greeted at the door by a face full of love after a long hard day at work. We are trained in consistent love and attention and actually enjoy the responsibility of taking care of you.


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9. We are independent

Our cats provide all the company we need. We have someone to go to sleep with, wake up with and cuddle throughout a scary movie. So you don’t need to worry about us rushing into a relationship for security or just for the company. We won’t be endlessly calling and texting asking where you are and what you are doing. You know where to find us.


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10.We know the importance of food!

Love is in the details and we are more than happy to spend money feeding the ones we love. We serve our cats only the very best, so that can only go for our boyfriends too. So get ready for the eye fillet medium rare, baked salmon and a good glass of Pinot!


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Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and this couldn’t be more true for Olive. The Fancy Feast range caters for all cats, especially those as uniquely fussy as Olive! Their broths are a great way to treat your cat. Olive is served a small portion as her ‘entrée’ when I get home from work. It’s my little way of showing her how much I love her constant devoted loyalty.

If you seek the very best for the love of your life (the cat, not your man) visit Fancy Feast for their full range and details.


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42 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Cat Crazed Ladies Make The Best Girlfriends”

  1. Cuddles, MySky, TV Movies, DVDs, popcorn, chocolate and more furry cat cuddles on the sofa. Bliss.

  2. I Think number 8 -we are trained to take good care of you – is most relateable for me! My cats would love me if I won this for them!

  3. Number 1 and 5! The amount of times I’ve woken up practically falling out of bed because the cats has somehow managed to takeover during the night, also have pretty much both of these points down to a fine art

  4. #1 for sure! Before I got Ronda I couldn’t imagine a cat taking up 3/4 of a queen sized bed… but she does, every night! Now I share a bed with one cat taking up 3/4 of the mattress and the other trying to squeeze herself onto my pillow to curl up next to my face…. but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  5. Love a good cuddle. My boyfriend loves the massages and back scratches I give him, many years of practicing on cats 😜😍

  6. Independent! Probably too much so but man I love nothing more then just chilling with my two fur girls x

  7. Number 4. Midnight is my two fur babies favourite time to race around the house and on my bed, if they’re not yelling at me from the kitchen instead! Love them to bits 😍😍

  8. A crazy cat lady makes the perfect partner because the loud constant purring of our cat when we go to sleep prepares us for the inevitable snorer beside us

  9. Definitely the tolerance point. That is so relatable to me because my mom, brother, and all of my friends like to stay up much later than I do. Thanks to my two furry loves, this isn’t a problem for anyone as I can go to sleep and although I might stir from the noises, I can quite easily go back to sleep and “deal with it” (it being whatever mess the cats or the humans have made in their noisy late hours) in the morning.

  10. Definitely bed sharing. I couldn’t move this morning because I had Kitty collecting my body heat on one side, and my dog spooning me on the other.

  11. All of them but especially Number 6, I love staying home with my two cats. One has diabetes so I need to be home every 24 hours anyway to check if he needs insulin. Fancy feast is one meal the vet says he can safely have with his diabetic diet. My other cat likes to watch TV so Netflix and chill is her preferred way to spend the weekend with me.

  12. #10 We know the importance of food! My kitty paces up and down the hallway meowing before her feeding time and then gobbles it all down very quickly when it’s dished up. She really thrives on good quality cat food.

  13. I have one of my own. Un spoken communication. After living so long with cats who cant always say what they think, we learn to read the signals given for trying to direct you to food or making sounds only people who know can interperate.

  14. “We are trained to take good care of you” That’s so true my little kitty is such a great friend and when I’m feeling ill and stuck in bed she is always by my side

  15. We love cuddles and we know how to share beds!! My two are super smoothly and crave love as much as I do

  16. Being able to share a bed for sure. But also our ability to wake up and rearrange positions during the night as Miss Kitty wants under the blankets, then out of the blankets, then snuggled up close, then to sleep on our pillow, then to move to the end of the bed, and then back under the blankets again when the temperature drops a little bit more around 3am.

  17. She is beautiful!!!!!
    We have been Netflix and chilling before all ya”ll
    lol yip that’s our life – me and my 2 loves

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