30 Boxes I Want To Tick Before I Turn 35

The past year has been the most valuable yet, I’ve gained so much confidence and experience doing things I’ve never done before or things that were completely out of my comfort zone.

I’m constantly thinking of things that challenge me or will add an interesting story for my little book of memories. So here are 30 things I will do in the next few years so that I can hit 35 a little more interesting…


1. Make another 5 best friends

2. Visit at least 5 international offices of our agency

3. Learn to love olives, oysters and red wine

4. Present at an industry conference or seminar of over 200 people

5. Hit 100 pairs in my heel collection

6. Have a walk in wardrobe that displays them floor to ceiling

7. Turn 35 in the best shape of my life

8. Read a fiction book (I am all things “reality”)

9. Remember my immediate families members birthdays, all in one year

10. Go on a blind date

11. Go to Mexico and stay in an all inclusive 5 star hotel with my best friends, not leave the resort once, just eat, drink cocktails and gossip.

12. Drastically change my hairstyle, something I have not done since I was at school

13. Apply to be on a reality show, why not

14. Meet one of my favourite social media stars like Olivia and Nat

15. Look 30 on my 35th birthday (hopefully thanks to my natural skincare regime)

16. Spend a week at my beach house alone

17. Drive without a destination in mind and sleep under the stars wherever I end up

18. Walk the blue streets of Chefchaouen, Morocco

19. Fly business without having to pay for it …. wonder how this will play out?!?

20. Start a collection of interesting coffee table books

21. Put $100 chip on red

22. Go through all my clothes and donate EVERYTHING that I haven’t worn in 6 months 

23. Experience a one, two and three Michelin star restaurant

24. Get feather touch eye brow tattoos

25. Be on a panel, discussing something that Im passionate about

26. Keep consistent at going to the gym, exercising my heart, the most important muscle in the body!

27. Have a birthday and invite more than 30 people … I shy away from the birthday fuss

28. Go to a bar on a busy Friday night and have a few drinks alone

29. Have a girls weekend at my beach house and marathon The Bachelorette

30. Start watching or reading the news …. regularly.

So this all starts now I guess! Id rather turn 35 and look back on the last few years full of the most rewarding experiences, new friends, lessons and feeling content.


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