Top 10 things a guy should be able to do!

Ok ok so they may not be able to tick all ten boxes when you first meet, or you may be ten years into your marriage and he can only tick three, but this could be the perfect time for your husband to add a few more tricks to his box or for you single ladies to set some standards for your next date!


My darling girlfriend Rach told me about a list she had started with another girlfriend called The Ultimate All-Rounder, it is brilliant. It included a variety of different things that they feel the “ultimate all rounder” should be able to do. It was gold. Below are my favs:

Unblock a drain: every girl needs a handy man, but considering I’m attracted to the Harvey Spectors of the world, I’d be happy to settle with a simple unblock of a drain, especially as I’ve been known to pour my coffee grinds down the sink … whoops!

Change the oil in a car: shows he’s prepared to get his hands dirty every now and then. With a little more skill required than a simple tyre change, there’s nothing hotter than guy who knows what he’s doing when it comes to mechanics.

Tie a tie: although I love the scenes where Carrie Bradshaw ties Mr Bigs tie in his New York apartment, a man needs to be able to put himself together and do it properly, not like a teenage boy at his first school ball. It also shows that he actually wears them (back to the Harvey Spector crush).

File a tax return: shows he understands his finances, enough said.

Prepare a three course meal: not only is it the most romantic gesture, it shows he can not only prepare a dinner but can bake or prepare a desert. A skill very helpful for all those dinner parties and means he has no excuse to sit on the couch while you sweat it out in the kitchen. Anyway, its fun to prepare a dinner party together!

Fillet a fish: it’s actually quite hard to filet a fish, I must say. But more specifically for the kiwi boys, there really is no excuse to not know how to do this one, we grew up fishing guys!

Put it down in the bedroom: flip you from your back to your front without “losing” the flow.

Back a trailer: you would be surprised how many guys can’t! If we can’t do it, then who is going to back the jet ski or the boat?

Know three basic yoga positions: shows a softer side, self-aware, open to explore something new.

Has a charity he regularly donates to: I am so grateful for the life I live in New Zealand and feel we are so blessed with the work opportunities available to us. Donating to charity (regularly) shows the grateful and caring for those less fortunate.

What would you want your guy to be able to do before you would get serious? I know Rach would love to add a few more to the list!

Holly xxx

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