A Mothers New Life Abroad

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My gorgeous mum is such an inspiration. Being single and in her late 50’s she decided it was time for an adventure. So she packed a bag, boarded a plane, and took off to experience a new culture and life in Asia. Six years and a few countries later, she is living the life of a local in a little shop house above an old record store in Tiong Baru, Singapore.

She has become friends with her surrounding community (even if only on a nodding of the head basis due to the language barrier), from the little retired couple reading the paper on the street each morning, to the ‘chicken rice’ man who sells her the best $2.50 dinner. She buys all her produce, natural beauty products and jewellery from the local vendors and has a room full of interesting things, each with their own little story.

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I admire how she immerses herself in the local culture by exploring the streets and eateries (including all the weird and obscure things like Durian) and makes the effort to learn about peoples’ histories and religious beliefs. She has this knack of finding all the hidden gems, from little cafes to jazz bars and bookshops and enjoys showing her visitors the local side to Singapore.


She has never been afraid of exploring off the beaten track. She recently took a trip to Laos to stay on an organic silk farm and learn and experience the art of Laotian weaving. She also took a solo trip to Kerala in Southern India, a place that not many woman would travel to alone!

She constantly inspires me to make the most of life and to create one full of interesting stories and adventures. She has shown me the importance of being confident enough to do these things alone, as you are never really alone, you just need to be open to all the interesting people around you.

Cheers to you mum!


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