Month: September 2016

Top 10 things a guy should be able to do!

Ok ok so they may not be able to tick all ten boxes when you first meet, or you may be ten years into your marriage and he can only tick three, but this could be the perfect time for your husband to add a few more tricks to his box or for you single ladies to set some standards for your next date!


My darling girlfriend Rach told me about a list she had started with another girlfriend called The Ultimate All-Rounder, it is brilliant. It included a variety of different things that they feel the “ultimate all rounder” should be able to do. It was gold. Below are my favs:

Unblock a drain: every girl needs a handy man, but considering I’m attracted to the Harvey Spectors of the world, I’d be happy to settle with a simple unblock of a drain, especially as I’ve been known to pour my coffee grinds down the sink … whoops!

Change the oil in a car: shows he’s prepared to get his hands dirty every now and then. With a little more skill required than a simple tyre change, there’s nothing hotter than guy who knows what he’s doing when it comes to mechanics.

Tie a tie: although I love the scenes where Carrie Bradshaw ties Mr Bigs tie in his New York apartment, a man needs to be able to put himself together and do it properly, not like a teenage boy at his first school ball. It also shows that he actually wears them (back to the Harvey Spector crush).

File a tax return: shows he understands his finances, enough said.

Prepare a three course meal: not only is it the most romantic gesture, it shows he can not only prepare a dinner but can bake or prepare a desert. A skill very helpful for all those dinner parties and means he has no excuse to sit on the couch while you sweat it out in the kitchen. Anyway, its fun to prepare a dinner party together!

Fillet a fish: it’s actually quite hard to filet a fish, I must say. But more specifically for the kiwi boys, there really is no excuse to not know how to do this one, we grew up fishing guys!

Put it down in the bedroom: flip you from your back to your front without “losing” the flow.

Back a trailer: you would be surprised how many guys can’t! If we can’t do it, then who is going to back the jet ski or the boat?

Know three basic yoga positions: shows a softer side, self-aware, open to explore something new.

Has a charity he regularly donates to: I am so grateful for the life I live in New Zealand and feel we are so blessed with the work opportunities available to us. Donating to charity (regularly) shows the grateful and caring for those less fortunate.

What would you want your guy to be able to do before you would get serious? I know Rach would love to add a few more to the list!

Holly xxx

A Mothers New Life Abroad

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My gorgeous mum is such an inspiration. Being single and in her late 50’s she decided it was time for an adventure. So she packed a bag, boarded a plane, and took off to experience a new culture and life in Asia. Six years and a few countries later, she is living the life of a local in a little shop house above an old record store in Tiong Baru, Singapore.

She has become friends with her surrounding community (even if only on a nodding of the head basis due to the language barrier), from the little retired couple reading the paper on the street each morning, to the ‘chicken rice’ man who sells her the best $2.50 dinner. She buys all her produce, natural beauty products and jewellery from the local vendors and has a room full of interesting things, each with their own little story.

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I admire how she immerses herself in the local culture by exploring the streets and eateries (including all the weird and obscure things like Durian) and makes the effort to learn about peoples’ histories and religious beliefs. She has this knack of finding all the hidden gems, from little cafes to jazz bars and bookshops and enjoys showing her visitors the local side to Singapore.


She has never been afraid of exploring off the beaten track. She recently took a trip to Laos to stay on an organic silk farm and learn and experience the art of Laotian weaving. She also took a solo trip to Kerala in Southern India, a place that not many woman would travel to alone!

She constantly inspires me to make the most of life and to create one full of interesting stories and adventures. She has shown me the importance of being confident enough to do these things alone, as you are never really alone, you just need to be open to all the interesting people around you.

Cheers to you mum!


5 Things I Wish I Knew In My Twenties

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1. People always ask you want you want for your birthday and most have us don’t really know the answer. What do you say? I mean you don’t know what their budget is, if they want to get you something special or practical. What you really want is probably something that is not that thoughtful like money or shoes right? But I like the idea of looking back at things I own as little memories, memories of moments, friendships and family. I wish my answer had been an interesting book, a coffee table book that I could collect over the years, so in my thirties I had a beautiful and interesting collection. Inside each cover would be a little birthday note, dated from someone who played a part in my life, someone I shared a memory with, someone I loved.

2. Don’t waste money on heels that aren’t leather. It was only in my late 20s when I realised the value in buying quality leather shoes. Not only do they last much longer but they are so much more comfortable, I rarely get any blisters and they mould to the shape of my feet. I cringe when I think of the tacky pleather heels I have bought in my life argh I could have saved that money and would probably be at 100 pairs!

3. Don’t pluck your eye brows! If I had known that people were getting Cara Delevingne eyebrows tattooed, I would never have plucked mine into tiny little sperms swimming across my face. I had the most amazing eye brows that I would pay thousands to have back again. So off I go to get feather tattoos to try a replicate what I had in my earlier years. Sigh.

4. Date. Like most girls in their twenties, I always seemed to be in a relationship. Its not like I was out looking, but I just seemed to end up in these long term somewhat serious relationships. It seems a little backwards now that Im dating for the first time in my thirties, but I wish I knew how it important it was to date back then. The more people you sit across a table from and share a conversation, stories and experiences with, the more interesting you become, the more you realise what personality traits match or compliment yours and the better your chances are of figuring out whats actually right for you.

5. Say yes more. Im only a year and a half into my thirties but I can honestly say that my life is more interesting, challenging and enjoyable than it has ever been. I have opened myself up to opportunities that have lead me to meet new people, expand my career and create some pretty funny stories that I can continue to share as I get older.

Every year I learn so much more about myself and I wouldn’t change any of the decisions I’ve made in the past, but at the same time I like to reflect on some of the lessons I’ve learned and share them in hopes of saving a few pairs of eyebrows!

Holly xxx