My Favourite Natural Skincare Products For Spring



Hello Spring! The season for change and the perfect time to try a natural skincare regime! If you haven’t used natural products before, start with a trial month and see how your skin feels. I’ve been using natural skincare products for a month now, literally head to toe, and I’m weirdly addicted… to the point where I gave away all my products that weren’t natural!

I had planned to post my natural skincare four week update, but with all the work events and activities over the last ten days, I literally had no time with the natural day light to take any decent pics, so this is coming this weekend!

Since it is now officially spring, I thought it would be a great time to share some new natural skincare products Im loving from Trilogy, Saver, Adashiko and EcoTan.




I fell in love with Saver as soon as I saw their packaging. I knew I had to try it if the actually product was as luxurious as it looked on the outside! It was every bit as lush as I had hoped. I need a good face wash that lathers on and ensures that every last spot of make up is well and truly gone. Savar does just that. It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling nourished and alive. Its ingredients include organic cucumber which hydrates and tones, manuka honey which protects and promotes heathy skin, and lemon which softens, cleanses and brightens. Savar you really are doing NZ proud with this one. Keep posed for more form Savar on the blog in the next week!




I was lucky enough to be invited to the most exquisite lunch at Cibo last week to celebrate the launch of Trilogy’s new spring collection. I will be sharing this range in further detail soon, along with all the gorgeous photos of the day but for now I wanted to share their new Rosapene Radiance Serum as if never used anything like it!  It’s a lightweight serum that glides on and has a silky smooth texture. What I love about this serum is that it is lightweight enough to go under make up, at night under an oil or just on its own. It promotes a glowing complexion (exactly what every woman in their thirties needs) with Rosapene, Sea Algae and Aloe Vera. The Rosapene, Trilogy’s unique antioxidant complex, helps to repair skin and protect against radical damage, Sea Algae combines to fight the effects of environmental pollution (perfect for us inner city lovers) and Aloe Vera which maintains the moisture balance while soothing the skin. This is just a snippet of the power of this serum so for more details I urge you to have a browse through their site!




I had absolutely NO idea that I could so easily add collagen to my coffee, cereal or sprinkle on my salad. But this is exactly what I have been doing everyday now for just over a week. Im now in my early thirties, so any product that could add a few more botox free years on for me I am 100% in on!

Adashiko peptide collagen is manufactured in Japan (the home of flawless youthful skin) and is 100% natural. There are so many benefits to taking Adashiko daily, it supports lean muscle gain, muscle tone, joint rebuilding, thicker healthier hair and nails, strengthens bones joints and cartilage, heals the gut and reduces inflammation .. I mean the list goes on and on … BUT the number ones, the “heavy hitters” and why we are all here, is Adashikos benefits to our face! Firmer, smoother, subtle and younger looking skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles! Why thank you Adashiko, I very much look forward to this. I have read all their testimonials with customers and look forward to sharing mine too.




My mum has always  worried about blocking up my sweat glands with deodorants when I was younger, she wouldn’t even buy me one that had scent! So Im off to Singapore next week to visit her and I know exactly whats on the list of pressies for her! Eco Tan have released their organic, coconut deodorant with no aluminium and no parabens. Its 100% natural allowing your body to release the toxins, as it should, while smelling like fresh coconut! I love that it rolls on so easily, with my old deodorant it was powdery and difficult to roll on. This doesn’t feel gluggy, its fresh, clean and light. Eco Tan on their winning streak again!

If you are thinking of trying a natural skincare regime, spring is the perfect time to get started! Summers is just around the corner and no doubt we will all be in the ocean or poolside make up free, so we want our skin to be glowing right!

Ill be giving away a few trial packs on my Instagram next week too so keep an eye out!

Holly xxx

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