The Product-Free Facial


I’ve been using natural skincare products for a few months now. I strongly believe that what you feed your body both internally and externally, lives on your skin, especially your face. My eyes are always peeled for new natural skincare advances, research and products.

So when Rosenthal Natural Skincare told me the story of their journey with product-free facials, I was intrigued, as were all my vegan/holistic friends! I had never heard of a product-free facial before. How more natural can you get when it comes to skincare? I was sold…


Michelle starts the session with an aromatherapy foot soak and uses this time to talk you through the massage therapy techniques and benefits of the facial. The technique focuses on massaging the muscles and key meridian pathways of the head and face, releasing tension and balancing the natural flow of energy throughout the body. It’s like a relaxing workout for your face. Stress and tension held in your facial muscles are released gently; leaving your skin looking and feeling, toned, rejuvenated and defined with a healthy glow.

I am a huge advocate for any product or service designed to support the body’s own anti aging process naturally. The body is a powerful beast but there are natural products and services, just as powerful, which can support this. My Rosenthal Facial completely rejuvenated my skin and left my mind, body and soul balanced and radiant. Taking an hour out of my hectic weekend to completely relax and refocus is so important and something I feel woman (especially in our thirties) tend to neglect.

Michelle recommends starting with one facial per week for five weeks, then down to once a month. The Rosenthal Facials include:

Rosenthal® Signature Experience (60minutes) $110.00

Rosenthal® Express Facial (30minutes) $65.00

Rosenthal® Deluxe Experience (85minutes) $155.0

You can find Rosenthal on the first floor at 87 Jervois Road, Herne Bay. Or contact Michelle at



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