Dating in your 30s : Don’t put all your eggs in one basket


I don’t feel that New Zealander’s really date. We tend to meet someone, put all our eggs in one guys basket and hope for the best. In many cases, we try and make something work that we kinda know might not be right. Maybe because they fit in with our friends and lifestyle or its easier than playing the dating numbers game? I have been like that in the past when I dated in my early 20s, but this time round its different … and its so much more fun!

I use to live in the states and I absolutely love the way they ACTUALLY date. It’s completely ok to put yourself out there and meet a range of people, I’m all for it. I mean you can spend months getting to know someone, to see if there is potential for something long term, to only release that there’s not and you have to start all over again!

Don’t go out and sleep with everyone … jesus…. but put your self out there! Let go of all your expectations and prerequisites and get know guys that you usually wouldn’t go for. You never know. For me its not about looks or money or what they do, its that connection that comes out of no where, a connection that you cant plan for and a connection that you least expect. Yes its a numbers game but the more people you meet in life, the richer, stronger and more interesting you become!

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