Working with nature, not against it


I definitely don’t consider myself a natural skincare guru; I am simply a woman, in her thirties, who had an interest in exploring a natural approach to skincare. Why? Well my mother’s skincare regime is as simple as they come. Natural handmade bar soap followed by 100% cold-pressed coconut oil. After seeing the copious amounts of products filling my bathroom drawers and hearing me moan about my skin, she urged me to cut back and try introducing some natural products.

Our skin is constantly fighting the toxins and chemicals we expose ourselves to every day. Car fumes, sun, and even the affects of stress and lack of sleep will all show somewhere on our skin. Given our skin is a sponge and will absorb most of what we put on it, I have chosen to use products that naturally nourish and nurture my skin. It gives me a greater feeling of pleasure and well-being as I’m using products that work with nature, not against it.  

I am so immensely proud of New Zealand’s very own natural skincare brand Trilogy Advanced Natural Skincare. It is their belief that nature is by far the best laboratory and I couldn’t agree more.

My nightly routine is now simple and I go to sleep smelling like I’ve stepping into the Botanical Gardens in Auckland. I use their Botanical Body Wash followed by their Pure Plant Body Oil or the Firming Body Lotion. The body oil is the perfect combination of pure plant oils and extracts for women in their thirties who, like me, want to support a life of simple, natural beauty.


A treat for both skin and senses, the subtle botanical fragrances of their body wash and body oils appeal for women and men alike, making the perfect gift for the whole family. 


Trilogy Body Care range comprises seven products, including two NEW products:




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