Month: May 2016

Autumn Lace

Hello autumn!

I adore the huge old trees that overhang the streets of Herne Bay. The brown and orange leaves that cover the streets look so pretty against the white villas this time of year. My friend Matty and I went looking for some beautiful backdrops to take some shots of one of my favourite pieces of the season, the Lace Crop Bell Sleeve from Seed Heritage.… Read the rest

These boots were made for walkin’

I love that I live in a country that truly experiences all four seasons. I like the change in lifestyle, after work activities and enjoying all the different seasonal foods. With winter fast approaching I’m looking forward to discovering new cosy restaurants to meet up with my girlfriends, getting tucked up in bed to watch my favourite reality tv shows and switching out my summer outfits for over-sized coats, woolen jumpers and most importantly investing in some amazing boots.… Read the rest