He says the darndest things…


Kieran is like the devil on my shoulder when Im leaning more towards my angelic side, he is the honesty I need when I don’t want to hear it and I swear he knows me so well he can predict the outcome of a date before I have even meet the guy. The things that come out of his mouth sometimes are just so classic, I thought I’d collate them into a post so I can re-read them when I need a laugh. Here are a few of my favs:

On my Instagram posts:

He evaluates my Instagram feed on the daily and gets offended when I post something that he hasn’t pre-approved, its so cute ….

“Your last post babe, it was kinda a non event. Your not going to get a bad reaction, but your not going to get a good reaction …. simply a non event”

“That post was track 9 on a CD. No one ever listens to track 9, its nice to have but you should only post track ones”

“Dont post that one, its too “look at me Im hot” post this one its “sorry, I cant help Im hot”

When talking men:

“I want a few, I don’t give a f#@k. I spent my 20s trying to get marred, now Im going to be a whore, but a classy one”

Before my birthday dinner:

“I need to see you beforehand, I have something you wont want to carry … don’t worry its not herpes”


“OMG did you see the end of the Kardashians? I cant wait to see Kourt and Scotts break up, I love it when Kourt breaks down, I always connect”

Says it all:


I love him … one day he will give in and marry me …

Holly xxx

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