Three Sex And The City Episodes For Singles In Their Thirties.

Season 3, Episode 18 – Miranda and Carries Fight


Every girl has a Mr Big. The one love that you just can’t seem to shake. No one will ever take his place and no one will ever take your heart like he did. We know it’s never going to work, relationships end for a reason but we just can’t seem to help ourselves. We have this uncontrollable human need to hold on.

In this episode, Miranda and Carrie have one of their first fights when Miranda finally has enough with Carrie running back to Big.

“Wake up, Carrie. How many more times are you gonna go through this? He is bad for you. Jesus, every time you get near him, you turn into this pathetic, needy, insecure victim. What pisses me off the most is that you are more than willing to go back for more.”

As a friend it can be so hard to sit back and watch our girlfriends get sucked into the spiral of hurt which leads to irrational behaviour and insecurity. No one wants that for their friends. This usually involves countless pep talks and support and just when you think you have finally gotten through to them, you catch them going back and everyone is back at square one.

The reality of it is, it’s not going to end until they have gone through that complete cycle on their own and often this needs to be in their own time. Just be the ears and the shoulder to cry on, it is likely that it will never end, like Carrie and Big, but it will get easier.


Season 4, Episode 2 – The Real Me


In this episode, Miranda is working out in the gym in her old t-shirt, no makeup and sweating like a pig. As she collapses off the treadmill she catches the eye of a gorgeous young man. Assuming there is no way he is looking at her in her current state, she looks around to check out the girl he is probably giving the eye to. But to her shock, it’s her. Thinking she is completely punching above her weight, she tries to play it cool, a little too cool. She isn’t herself and its it is cringingly obvious. She goes in for the kiss, he dodges, and that’s the end of that.

There is no point trying to be someone else or trying to be what you think they are looking for, at the end of the day that is going to get really tiring and eventually your true self will show. If the guy isn’t into you right at the start, just the way you are, I wouldn’t bother. It’s much easier being single and yourself than in a relationship constantly reminding yourself who to be.

Season 6, Episode 7 – The Post It Episode


This is the go to episode for anyone that’s been dumped! Why? Because I really don’t believe that it is possible to be dumped in a more tragic way than in a post it note. Not only was Carrie left in the middle of the night by Burger, but she was left with no explanation via a very short message ‘I’m sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me’. Being dumped is never easy but at least in most cases this episode can make you feel a little better!

Every woman in their 30’s should own the entire series of Sex and the City. You will find yourself easily relating to at least one of the characters in each episode and its a great way to look at different situations in someone else shoes.

Holly xx

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