To game or not to game?


The one thing that scares me about dating is all this ‘game playing’ that seems to go on. I’m scared because I don’t know what these games are, how the hell to play them or even how to tell if I’m being played? I’m pretty straight up in all aspects of my life, so I don’t think I’m up for making any changes for this dating world.

I feel like you should know if someone is interested enough in you within the first few weeks. For it to be worth even getting to a kiss then there needs to be that mystery, somewhat of a fascinating, a need to know more. It doesn’t need to be forever or even lead to a relationship but there needs to be that spark of curiosity and intrigue. When games come into play, they just mess with all the fun stuff, the butterflies and the excitement.

It’s obviously not said for everybody, but I feel like if you are being played or you can’t figure them out, then they’re just not that into you. Pick up that red flag, put your sneakers on and jog the f#$k outta there. To be honest, it’s likely they have a few options on the go, they are keeping you there as back up or they are still stuck up on an ex!

I do wonder though, on that odd occasion, if love can be lost within these games. If people don’t know how to just be themselves and let their feelings be honest, and in the midst of all that confusion something that could have been, turns a wrong corner and walks away.

If I like you, I like you. If I want to see you, Ill ask you out. If I want to talk to you, Ill call and if I want to kiss you, then I definitely want to know more.

I got no time for games, only “fun” ones …


Me ^^ ….


Not me ^^ …


Tehehehehe ^^^

Holly xxx

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