Dating in the age of social media

The last time I really ‘dated’ was literally pre MySpace. I met guys through friends or traveling or just putting myself out there. I dated one guy who worked in the local surf shop. I thought he was so cute so I just went up to the counter and asked him on a date. We went out that night and dated for over two years. Ten years later it kinda feels like this dating game is not quite how it use to be. From Myspace to Facebook and now Tinder or even LinkedIn, you can literally piece together someone in a few hours.

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Could social media burst the butterfly bubble of dating? Isn’t that what dating is all about? Getting to know someone? I’m just not quite sure I could sit opposite a guy in a restaurant and pretend to ‘get to know him’ all the while knowing that his sister got married last week, he has dinner with the family every Tuesday, he has a family bach in Waihi, he went to Westlake Boys High, he drives a black BMW, he has dated 4 other brunette girls in the last 2 years and he is also friends with Keri, Shannon and Katie (all fictional FYI).

By having all this information literally at our fingers tips could we risk vetoing a guy before we even know them? Could we judge someone based on a bunch of photos or where they work? Could we potentially say no to someone that could have actually been someone amazing? I mean you could easily sit back and wait for ‘the one’ who fits your criteria, your friends criteria or even what your parents want for you, but honestly, you can’t tell if someone is right for you based on what you can see on their social profile. There’s no photo or status that could ever capture that feeling.

Theres a time and place for stalking though and I think that comes with the dating world of Tinder! There is definitely a level of stalking required for your own safety! Since I am not on Tinder, I think Ill take the table talk and get to know someone over a few dates rather than a few hours on the web.

30vs30 blog

xx Holly

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