A Bit of Spring for Spring!

I have lots of hair, but my “lots of hair” comes in the form of length not strands … much to my frustration. Girls always comment on my long hair but I would trade it in a heart beat for thickness or volume. If it had more volume, the world of hair styles would be my oyster! Hair is so much easier to style up or down with volume.

I can get around my dreaded thin hair issue by creating wavy curls before styling. I’ve been using the Remington Perfect Curls 2-in-1 and absolutely love it. Its perfect for my hair as it creates both defined curls or loose waves with a quick adjustment, perfect for my favorite hair styles. Its also a lot easier to use than a wand. I usually get tired arms from holding my hair in place so the clip is so helpful and allows me to be a bit more patient waiting for each curl!


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Kirsty Fleming is my hair inspiration, if you don’t already follow her then you need to! Here are a few of my favourite Kirsty Fleming wavy hair looks:

Wavy hair worn out. You can flick it over rather than having a straight parting (like mine) and have it sitting up off you scalp with that blown look.






The half up and half down. This look tried with thin flat hair just doesn’t have the same effect but with natural waves gives such a gorgeous boho look.






The messy bun. Again, a no go with thin straight hair, but a simple curl and you can achieve the messy bun look in minutes.

Low Bun




High Bun



Holly xxx

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    1. I have the same issue as my hair is dead flat too! I just use a hair spray after and scrunch up with my fingers. I also got m hair cut recently and got layers so its not so heavy x

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