Month: October 2015

Dating in the age of social media

The last time I really ‘dated’ was literally pre MySpace. I met guys through friends or traveling or just putting myself out there. I dated one guy who worked in the local surf shop. I thought he was so cute so I just went up to the counter and asked him on a date. We went out that night and dated for over two years. Ten years later it kinda feels like this dating game is not quite how it use to be. From Myspace to Facebook and now Tinder or even LinkedIn, you can literally piece together someone in a few hours.

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Could social media burst the butterfly bubble of dating? Isn’t that what dating is all about? Getting to know someone? I’m just not quite sure I could sit opposite a guy in a restaurant and pretend to ‘get to know him’ all the while knowing that his sister got married last week, he has dinner with the family every Tuesday, he has a family bach in Waihi, he went to Westlake Boys High, he drives a black BMW, he has dated 4 other brunette girls in the last 2 years and he is also friends with Keri, Shannon and Katie (all fictional FYI).

By having all this information literally at our fingers tips could we risk vetoing a guy before we even know them? Could we judge someone based on a bunch of photos or where they work? Could we potentially say no to someone that could have actually been someone amazing? I mean you could easily sit back and wait for ‘the one’ who fits your criteria, your friends criteria or even what your parents want for you, but honestly, you can’t tell if someone is right for you based on what you can see on their social profile. There’s no photo or status that could ever capture that feeling.

Theres a time and place for stalking though and I think that comes with the dating world of Tinder! There is definitely a level of stalking required for your own safety! Since I am not on Tinder, I think Ill take the table talk and get to know someone over a few dates rather than a few hours on the web.

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xx Holly

The gorgeous gay by my side

The gorgeous Gay by my side

We met at a girlfriends drinks one night and it wasn’t long before we ended up sitting next to each other and we started chatting. We quickly realised that we shared one BIG thing in common, our love for California. From this point on you literally couldn’t get a word in as we shared all our experiences, stories and memories we had there and how much both of us wanted to go back and lay poolside amongst all the gorgeous cali boys.

He was one of those people you meet and instantly fall in friend love. He is 6ft 4, brunette, strappingly handsome and has ended up being such a light in my life. I just couldn’t imagine not having him around now! Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. His brutal honestly when it comes to my outfits. There is no beating around the bush, it’s a straight yes or no, simple no bullshit. Just what I need right now!!
  1. There ain’t no shame in his selfie game. Not only does he encourage me to actually put my face on my social media but he is all over his too and I love that … so god dam confident!
  1. Bed cuddles. We can lie in bed for hours chatting, watching reality tv and stalking guys on his tinder.
  1. The best date to any event (he lets me balance on his arm if my heels are slightly too high to stand in for long periods of time)
  1. If I ever feel like I just need someone with me, he is there. Running errands, going to the gym or just hanging on the couch.

The gorgeous gay by my side

Above: Learning the selfie

The gorgeous gay by my side

Above: Confidence in full effect 

The gorgeous gay by my side

Above: and again he he he

Love you b

Holly xxx

A Bit of Spring for Spring!

I have lots of hair, but my “lots of hair” comes in the form of length not strands … much to my frustration. Girls always comment on my long hair but I would trade it in a heart beat for thickness or volume. If it had more volume, the world of hair styles would be my oyster! Hair is so much easier to style up or down with volume.

I can get around my dreaded thin hair issue by creating wavy curls before styling. I’ve been using the Remington Perfect Curls 2-in-1 and absolutely love it. Its perfect for my hair as it creates both defined curls or loose waves with a quick adjustment, perfect for my favorite hair styles. Its also a lot easier to use than a wand. I usually get tired arms from holding my hair in place so the clip is so helpful and allows me to be a bit more patient waiting for each curl!


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Kirsty Fleming is my hair inspiration, if you don’t already follow her then you need to! Here are a few of my favourite Kirsty Fleming wavy hair looks:

Wavy hair worn out. You can flick it over rather than having a straight parting (like mine) and have it sitting up off you scalp with that blown look.






The half up and half down. This look tried with thin flat hair just doesn’t have the same effect but with natural waves gives such a gorgeous boho look.






The messy bun. Again, a no go with thin straight hair, but a simple curl and you can achieve the messy bun look in minutes.

Low Bun




High Bun



Holly xxx